To the moon? Seriously, what moon??
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To the moon? Seriously, what moon??

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 12 Jun 2020

Today I wanna tell you a quick thoughts of myself about this crypto-thingie term from these coin minded people.

coin minded, lol.
na, I meant crypto communities.

My English is ugly.


All they said in few years ago was something about moon or distance or rocket or smt else.

Crazy to find out traders also has astronomy background in their life, are they also ex-members of NASA?!?!!1!1! are they also quitting their job for start trading?!


But after a very long time researching... in 1-2 minutes, apparently they're not.

To the moon is used when people start rally buy an asset especially when it's trying to hit its highest price it can achieved, All time high.

That's it...



Did I really just write this shortie post for having some quick Publish0x tippie?!?! NOOOOO-!!! The main reason I post this cute garbage is to ask you!


If in 2017 a Bitcoin can hit $20069 price mark... How about in 2020? Do you think it'd achieve higher? Over the moon, if I could say..? 🤣

Feel free to share your surreal predictions and fight below in the comments, i'd love to watch!


Crypto idiot


a potato idiot

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