My August Brave Earning?? It's Disappearing 😥

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 16 Aug 2020

How are you today? 

Today I'm still waiting my Brave ads earning, 10.750 BAT this month. 

It's around 2 USD or smt, I planned to transfer it to my wallet but something happened

0.000 BAT

The reward never comes. 

It said that my 10.750 BAT have been earned, but as you see my balance is still displaying 0 BAT. 

Yes, I already connected my wallet with Uphold and I didn't transfer this August earning to anywhere else. But my uphold wallet is also displaying same balance, 0 BAT.

0 BAT at Uphold

I write about this issue on Brave Browser's reddit too, - and now I'm just waiting till someone can resolve this.

It's my first time having this issue, my cute smol BAT earnings were smooth before. It's different story now and now i'm sad.

Do you have the same issue? or is it just me? 😔
Feel free to leave a comment below.


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