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Look, I Published My First Post 😅

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 27 Apr 2020

Hi there 👋

Yup, this is my first post and i dunno where to start. Umm... 🤔 Quick background?

I'm a lone old-school programmer without actual job for past 4 years. It's hard for me to find someone who would hire a person who can only do php-js programming on functional and procedural style, but I also think it mostly because I'm physically weak so nobody would hire me.

Truly shame on myself 😔 but, I like to search opportunities while I can so I think I'm fine 😅

I think I'll start this writing with things I've met on 2020, and where I found decentralized stuffs.

Where I met financing?

On 2020, I began searching on how to make money aside being a programmer. Found many ways but the most engaging one to me is - Forex.

Starting from January I self-taught myself on financing. COVID-19 appears 1 month after I start studying, what a timing 😂

Market news goes everywhere and it seems like a big opportunity - but I dunno how to trade yet and I only have $100 in my safe. Having plan so harshly is a no-no for me as trading involves my 4 years of hard-earned money.

Where I met cryptos and it stuffs

Well, somehow I found Publish0x on march 👀

People there talks crypto, and as far as I can see it's almost same as forex but without leverage. "without leverage" equals "without margin", and "without margin" equals "no margin call"!!! 😆😆😆 What another great find 👏❤

From there I start learning cryptos, decentralized platforms, and many more while tipping authors. I can't tell you how fast my interest instantly switched, but I prefer crypto and its ecosystem than forex now.

💔❌ friend ended with forex 🤝 crypto is now my friend. lol

Why I'm here

I'm here because financially driven. Yes- I'm straight and honest.

Secondly. Never in my life I start to writing articles before, but I believe that opportunities always exist, so I'd like to learn and try. Besides, crypto is a new thing from me and it's exciting. 😇

In this platform I'll try another chance in my life by sharing my own experiences and thoughts I've gained including but not limited to crypto. Hope it could help people discovering new things and get informed better. 🤗


Oh- and one more thing. Not really necessary but I also like drinks, foods, and animations. Exactly also the main reason why I'll put animation picture within my posts 😅 It is purely because I like it, and to respect its authors I also put its source.

That's it I guess, omg my writing is so bad 🤣

For anybody who read this, hope we can get along!
See you in my next post 👋

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