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League of Kingdoms: YAY! Beta on next week! Last Chance to Get $30 Reward

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 26 Jun 2020


I should stop being too excited lol


game would released early next week

A quick update about LoK, the team says that they gonna open the public-beta on Browser platform first before they launch it to the public next week.


nplus entertainment and the open beta announcement

After the game launches, not only on browser, it'd be available on Play Store and App Store as well.


Is it good or bad news? Actually I think these infos as a good news. They don't want destroy their new game's rating as people love to easily dump their ratings at Play Store and App Store (such as their previous game lol)

So, yup- improvements are necessary.

In case you don't know about League of Kingdoms yet, it's a brand new strategy game that allows you to play to earn.  


LoK Gameplay

It has similar gameplay like other economic-strategy games you knew, so if you interested and want their $30 in-game bonuses, you might need to act quick by pre-register your account!  

  • Pre-register with my referral link: 
    -- I get 10 crystals from this, you get $30 worth of in-game resources (1 gold box, 200 crystals, 1600 hours boosts, 2000000 resources)
    -- If you use this, thankyou 🙂
  • or Pre-register without my referral link:
    -- I get 0 crystals from this, you still get $30 worth of in-game resources (1 gold box, 200 crystals, 1600 hours boosts, 2000000 resources)


I also made a early guide about the game, you can read my strategies here: - Might helps your progress within the game!

Plus, in case you want to boost your progress remember to join a clan or alliance!
I'm currently on LOK Alliance (, the leader is horribly excited about the game so it's kinda funny and early clan is a good thing to have in the game so I'd stick there. If you excited about the game feel free to join the alliance anyway!



Well, that's it! Can't wait to see how many bugs I can find (just kidding)
Annnnnnnnnd see you on my next post 👋


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