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League of Kingdoms: The List of my Play2Earn Strategies

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 7 Jun 2020

Well, back again with me your crypto idiot.
... and this is my third post about this game. 😅

I like strategy games, I like it....

These strategy is created even before the game launched its public-beta release.
So, it's fair to assume this article as a premature thoughts from myself as a result of too much expectation 😂

As what I say on my previous posts about this game, it has similar style to other economic-strategy games that you can find elsewhere which is a merit to any strategist gamers out there. Even better, you can pack some NFT assets in the game which you can trade at a later time. 😉

In this article, I'd like to share my premature strategy which if not absolutely, will nearly works after the game being available at Play Store. 🤗 (or App Store if you're "richies")



Initial strategy

1. Stay on initial placement


Every player would have a kingdom to start, and it's placed on random LAND and zone within the game initially.

My thoughts are these:

  • I wouldn't move my kingdom in early game;
  • Inner economy first. I don't have to grab additional resources outside my kingdom as lower level buildings/research would be cheap, so I have to generate resources inside my kingdom first before gathering resources outside the kingdom.

2. Do a rasionable production for resources


I'll assume more troops equals more foods consumption in this game, and as I don't know what type of resources are more needed I'll stabilize my kingdom generation for resources.

My thoughts are these:

  • Fill all construction slots;
  • Buildings should be nearly like: 40% Farm / 15% Lumbercamp / 15% Quarry / 15% Goldmine / 15% Barrack;
  • Max out buildings one-by-one as the time goes;
  • While leveling up my resource buldings, I'll make sure my Storage level is decent enough to store my resources safely.

3. Go for armies 🔥🔥🔥

I'll assume there's 4 type of troops within the game, which are: infantry; cavalry; archery; sieges.

My thoughts are these:

  • I'll make sure my number of troops didn't exceed my kingdom's Hospital space limit;
  • Prepare huge armies to grab additional resources outside the kingdom;
  • Add more armies;
  • Add more and more armies;
  • Add more more more and mor- actually no, I still can lose if alliance with huge members start to rally attack my kingdom.


4. Joining a big alliance


If this game is similar to other economy-strategy games I knew this far, I think I'll try to find some alliance with many members to join as it can help me boost construction/research development for my kingdom. ⏳⚡

My thoughts are these:

  • If alliance is big and active, stick and engage unless I had some issue with them;
  • If otherwise, stick but engage on a small portion or not at all. Have a moment to check better alliances, then switch. It gonna be comes and goes experience unless I found a perfect alliance for myself so it's a good idea to not switch too often;

5. Boost, no matter what ⏩

I'm also the one of those Free to Play players. I might can't progress faster than Pay to Win players but atleast I can make the most from my inventories.

In my strategy, development time is always vital. 👈
My goal is to constantly make 1M resources within the game in shortest time possible, pack'em to NFTs, trade, and profit.

My thoughts are these:

  • Don't save, use any possible boost items that I've obtained elsewhere;
  • Make use of any possible way to boost kingdom's development without doing any microtransaction within the game.


Middle-game Strategy

If my kingdom is huge enough, then it's time to apply other strategies to step up the game and approach higher level of difficulty.

1. Move to better LAND as the time goes


Only matter of time for resources in current zone are insufficient for my kingdom development.

My thoughts are these:

  • If kingdom initial placement is too far from level 1 shrine or somewhere on D zone, move to C zone with nice resources or higher LAND level if possible;
  • Don't too obsessed placing kingdom near the shrine as it doesn't even matter unless I'd join the event;
  • Beware on higher level kingdoms while placing mine. 😅


2. Go for higher level armies

If more armies consume more foods, that means I need to invest on higher level armies than lower ones as they provide more power and more efficient food consumption for long term. 🤔

My thoughts are these:

  • Keep lower level armies while developing higher level armies;
  • Keep higher level armies for battles;
  • Keep lower level armies for resource gathering;
  • Prepare many lower level armies to help allies in need, as lower level might be higher level to some players 😇


3. Only go for events I can attend

Events means prizes and prizes means buffs for my kingdom.
If I think there's a merit, i'll participate. If the otherwise, I'll likely to pass. 😅

It seems clear already so I think I don't need to share more of my thoughts here.



Because I'd play this game right after the game launches, people would start to compete at the same level as me unless there's closed-alpha members who already had one step ahead in the game.

Any strategies would conditionally changes over time, no doubt. My intention here is to give you a bigger picture about the game itself and let to have you think your own strategy to compete within the game. 😃 Copy and improvise mine is absolutely fine anyway!

So, how about you? 🙂
Do you have same thoughts as mine or different? Do you have a nice alliance to join? Feel free to leave a comment below. Happy to know more about your opinions and possible alliances to join later.

Very excited about this game.
Let me see your kingdom later, have a good day 👋

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