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How much you coinheads can earn from FaucetPay

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 19 Jun 2020

So there's another faucet named uhh..

Faucet that pays lol.

I'm always not sure if there's another faucet that pays higher than the one I used Rn, and many thanks to @wickedthewolf for it.

But there's a rumour that this FaucetPay pays many satoshi each day to its users.
so- TODAY, I'll share to you HOW MUCH you can earn from FaucetPay!



Without using their services.


Mindblowing isn't it.

"HOW?", you might ask. Well, I using creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of humans, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications. a.k.a researching.

I put many works and effort to find all reviews about this faucet one by one in approx 2 minutes. I developed many tears in the process due to its difficulties. So, don't forget to TIP. >:(

There's many shit and fortunately shittier review I found online, so- in this article I'll pick the best review amongst these trash. Annnnnd shout out to @schire! I choose your article so you deserve my clap. *clap clap*


She mostly write about faucets, holey fuck you really love pennies aren't you.

Anyway, I'll use her article for the sake of my research to complete this article. Her article can be found here:



Straight to the math..


How many time to spend for those faucets?

She said we can claim 25 faucets in a day, every 5 minutes.

25 faucet claim * 5 minutes = 125 minutes
125 minutes = 2 hours 5 minutes


How many I got in a month?

She said we can claim 1000+ litoshis per claim, so...

25 faucet claim = 25000 litoshis
25000 litoshis = 0.00025000 litecoin
0.00025000 litecoin * 30 day = 0.00750000 litecoin


When I could withdraw these shits?

Based from her statement, to withdraw to direct wallet we need atleast 15000 satoshis.

15000 satoshis = 0.00015000 bitcoin
0.00015000 bitcoin = 0.03200000 litecoin (at the time of writing)

0.03200000 litecoin / 0.00750000 litecoin = 4 month-ish


annnnnnnnd- CONCLUSION!!!

- Yes, you need to dedicate your 2 hours or more time just for clickin this faucet every 5 minutes.
- Yes, 4 months to withdraw
- YES, 4 months to get your 0.032 litecoins. lemao


That's it!
Is it worth your time? Dumb question it seems, you probably knew the answer already.

Have a good one.

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