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How To Win The Information Technology Versus Productivity War

By Joe Rhino | itsmrhino | 16 Mar 2022

How much time and money did you lose due to computer issues last year? Most likely, basic maintenance had a greater impact than you expected. Given this year's cyber-attacks, the emergency expenditures may have risen as well. You'll never know how much money you could have made if an analyst had crunched every move and figure.

You didn't go into the company to be an IT specialist, but now you are. You've managed to run an IT firm alongside your usual business.

This shouldn’t be the case. You went into business because you're good at it. You need to get back to doing what you love while freeing up time for revenue development. Managed Service Providers (MSP) can handle all of your day-to-day IT activities.

Some samples of what they can do for you:

System upgrades and security

Not far off is the feeling that an update for something is continually springing up, sending your staff out for yet another coffee break. Even though it's excellent that software suppliers are always enhancing their products, keeping up may be time-consuming. An MSP can do all of the upgrades and patches for you after-hours, so your employees can work instead.

Help desk

While they can't remotely unjam the copier yet, they can handle all your "I don't know how", "it's broken", or "I need another" tech issues. Simply spread the new practice—ask the MSP—and see these little issues disappear, returning your workers to work more productively than before.

Network security and management

You don't want lengthy downtime due to server failure or a cyberattack. The MSP helps you combine security with business duties and access, keeping you safe and secure. So you'll know when to upgrade hardware and software, and your workers will have the exact rights they need.

IT strategy planning

Why waste money on incompatible systems or equipment you don't need? MSPs can help you prepare ahead of time so you can scale what you currently have and plan for future expenditures. That means your IT spending goes towards growth, not an emergency.


The time you use dealing with IT issues could be better spent making money, growing your business, or planning ahead. Moving to a managed service provider is also simple. Let me know when you're ready to get back to the areas of your business that you like and I can help you find the right MSP for your unique business needs.

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Joe Rhino
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