What are We Afraid of?

By DrMind | It’s never too late... | 10 Dec 2019

My reason for writing this article is thanks to my wife, who is obsessed with locking doors. It can be frustrating to someone like myself who is free and trusting. Yes, sometimes that has not worked out the best, however it allows me to live what you may say as a carefree life. 

It is always as if something is right behind her, watching her every move and waiting to do some kind of harm. Personally, I can’t live like this. I leave doors unlocked and even wide open sometimes. 

My mother is like my wife. Yikes!! They say you marry someone like your mother. In my case, this is true. I never meant to. It just happens that way.  They are both afraid of their own shadow it seems. 

Now what leads to a person being this paranoid? Media? Society? Their past? Probably a mixture of everything. It is hard to pinpoint an exact reason. 

The brain plays tricks on us. Our imagination can make us believe whatever we choose. Even things that are so wild and so unlikely can creep into the mind. Almost as if they are living inside their imagination and everything has the exact the same chance of happening. 

I am a math guy and love to give probabilities of things happening. Yes things are likely to happen. But at what percentages? I can’t worry about things that are a 1 in 1,000,000,000. If that was the case, I would worry about everything. And that is what people do. Worry and are afraid of everything! 

Live life and don’t worry about what might happen. Make what you want happen!

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It’s never too late...
It’s never too late...

Each day is a brand new opportunity to make the changes to life that we all want. Many of us struggle with bad habits that we wish we could change. Two popular methods that are used is the cold turkey method or the phase it out method. Both can be effective but both also could be counter productive. It all depends on what personality type we are. Some of us cannot do things in moderation and the ones that do, micro manage every decision. So what do you do? Just start making the changes. Today!

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