By DrMind | It’s never too late... | 24 Feb 2021

         A broad topic since there are many phases of the separation/divorce. After discussing the multiple phases on an individual basis, it will eventually be collaborated into a book. So I do appreciate any feedback on the topic. 

          The largest book ever could be written on the topic of marriage. How it has changed throughout the years of time. What was the significance of families coming together. The roles of the husband and wife. 

          For the purposes of this article, I will stick to the almost being officially divorced stage. As that is the stage in which I currently am in, which builds up like a clogged drain. The paperwork is what really holds up the process and of course when you involve lawyers, things get all technical. It surely is a test of once patience. 

           You just want it to be officially over. No more money talk about who owes who what. I found myself being extra nice at some points just so there is no request of extra money. Maybe that is a good thing that there is something holding me back from revealing my true feelings about certain things. 

         It has been about a year since the wife left. It only lasted 16 months. Things come and go in life. Some people like to hold on to things that no longer are suitable for them because it is what they know. It is the safe zone that we have all been in before. 

         We need test those safe zones to see what we can really live without. To find the new things that we never thought we could live with. 





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It’s never too late...
It’s never too late...

Each day is a brand new opportunity to make the changes to life that we all want. Many of us struggle with bad habits that we wish we could change. Two popular methods that are used is the cold turkey method or the phase it out method. Both can be effective but both also could be counter productive. It all depends on what personality type we are. Some of us cannot do things in moderation and the ones that do, micro manage every decision. So what do you do? Just start making the changes. Today!

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