Betfury is closing to USA users and other countries is going to shut down to American users but don’t worry they’ll save (steal) your coins until you decide to move. Many other counties included. This will take place May 6th

This is a small window of notice and right after they they started accepting different tokens. If you have 30 day box from them looks like you won’t be able to claim the full amount.


Betfury has had many ramblings of unfair play and I have always been careful to take profits  but it’s hard when the gas fee for say sushi is 1.4 sushi as is the min withdraw. 

The screen that flashes doesn’t stay up long so I had to screen shot just to read it. 





Time to withdraw all coins if you can



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Its hard work getting stuff for free
Its hard work getting stuff for free

Sometimes its hard work and a lot of time getting something for free. Maybe I can save you a little on both by telling you the downside of free. Then you can choice what's best for you.

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