Win 10 BAT Bounty!!!

Win 10 BAT Bounty!!!

By ItalianCrytpoGuy | italiancryptoguy | 18 Mar 2020

Hello fellow Publishers,


as I completed my first bountys on "Bounty0x" I made a video for "TRNSC Coin".

To be able to compete in the bounty I need more likes so I decided to host my own bounty.

Bounty is valid until 22:00 MEZ

Like the following video and follow me on Youtube!


Comment your username below! Winner will be anounced 24:00 MEZ

Good luck to everybody!

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1. Happy-nugget (like a chicken nugget fried in happiness) 2. Student of Economics and Social science 3. Sailor 4. Crypto lover 5. Trying to make a living trough Crypto #juststartet #don'tknewanything


Italian student who is loving crypto is trying to share his experiences wile building his cryptoportfolio from 0. Great full for every tip you can give me on the topic of crypto. Trying to post regularly... at least once a month on the first Friday of the new month i will post my cryptoupdate. #0toCrypto #buildyourcryptoportfolio #hodl #buildingAcommunity #italiancryptoguy

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