Urlando contro il cielo - Howling at the Sky

A new fun way to learn the Italian language: the best songs accompanied by the text in Italian and translated into English.

Italian Text

Come vedi sono qua:
monta su,
non ci avranno
finché questo cuore non creperà
di ruggine, di botte o di età.
C’è una notte tiepida
e un vecchio blues
da fare insieme,
in qualche posto accosterò
e quella là sarà la nostra casa,
ma credo che meriti di più
e intanto son qua io
e ti offro di ballarci su:
È una canzone di cent’anni almeno.

Urlando contro il cielo.

Non saremo delle star
ma siam noi, in questi giorni
fatti di ore andate per
un week-end
e un futuro che non c’è.
Non si può sempre perdere
per cui giochiamoci
certe luci non puoi spegnerle.
Se è un purgatorio è nostro
per lo meno.

Urlando contro il cielo.

Fantasmi sulla A14.
Dai finestrini passa odor di mare,
diesel, merda, morte e vita.
Il patto è stringersi di più
prima di perderci.
Forse ci sentono lassù.
È un po’ come sputare via il veleno.

English Text

As you see, here I am,
Climb in.
They won’t have us
Until this heart cracks
from rust, from blows or from age
There’s a warm night
and an old blues song
To have together
Somewhere I’ll pull over
And that’s where our house will be
But I believe that you deserve more
And meanwhile, I am here
And I’m asking you to dance to this:
It’s a song that's 100 years old at least.

Howling at the sky.

We won’t be stars
But we’re ourselves, in these days
made of wasted hours for
a weekend
And a future that isn’t there.
We can’t always lose
What we're gambling for
Some lights you can’t put out
If it’s purgatory at least it’s ours

Howling at the sky.

Ghosts on the A14
From the windows comes the smell of the sea,
diesel, shit, death and life
The deal is to hold each other tighter
until we lose each other
Perhaps up there they can hear us
It’s a bit like spitting out the poison

Howling at the sky.

Luciano Ligabue

Luciano Ligabue, commonly known as Ligabue or Liga, is an Italian singer-songwriter,[1] film director and writer.

Ligabue was born in Correggio, in the province of Reggio Emilia (in northern Italy). Before becoming a successful singer, he held various jobs, working in agriculture and in factories. He entered the music world in 1987, when he founded the amateur band Orazero. For this band he wrote several original songs, with which they participated in several local and national contests. The following year his fellow Emilian singer-songwriter Pierangelo Bertoli was the first to discover Ligabue's writing talents, and included one of Ligabue's songs, "Sogni di Rock'n'Roll" ("Rock n roll dreams"), in his new LP.

The Project

A new fun way to learn the Italian language: the best songs accompanied by the text in Italian and translated into English.

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Songs and art from Italy

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