Boscaiola in three variants - Italian Recipes

Boscaiola in three variants - Italian Recipes

By CryptoInfluencer | Italian Recipes | 6 Feb 2020

A pasta with mushrooms, but not only.

It is a very quick and easy recipe, perfect in autumn with freshly picked mushrooms.
But there is not a single recipe for the lumberjack. There are many variations and everyone can enrich it according to their taste: there are those who prefer it with red sauce, some with cream, some with peas, some with sausage, some with bacon, some with short pasta and chi with long egg pasta. in this article I will offer you three variations.

Recipe with the sauce

If you love tomato sauce, prepare the boscaiola rossa, which in theory would be the original recipe.
Just fry a little chopped onion with extra virgin olive oil and then add the sausage deprived of the bag (or smoked bacon) and mushrooms, preferably porcini.
Leave to brown with the white wine and then add either cherry tomatoes or passata and cook the sauce for 10-15 minutes on medium-low heat.
Then drain the pasta and toss it in the sauce.
Serve with fresh parsley and grated Parmesan.


Recipe with peas

the version with peas which can be either white or with sauce.
Simply add them to the onion sauce together with the mushrooms and bacon. Deglaze with a little white wine and continue cooking until the seasoning is well cooked.
You can add the sauce or not and you can also avoid the bacon and sausage for a vegetarian version.
You can also use frozen peas, but take them out of the freezer a little in advance.


Recipe with cream

Real gourmands love the version of the lumberjack with cream, but know that in this case the flavor of all the ingredients will be more delicate because it is attenuated by the addition of a creamy and sweeter element.
The cream is the fresh one from the kitchen that you find in the fridge counter and not the long-life one. It should be added at the end, when the seasoning is ready.


I hope you enjoy this recipe! What about from Italy, good appetite!


Italian Recipes
Italian Recipes

in this blog, I will bring with real pride, the best and best recipes of true Italian cuisine, the one that will make you fall in love with Italy.

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