We Tip ourselves 67% and give 33% to the Author on Publish0x


In case you were wondering what other people tip your article, or how much you should tip an author and were looking for guidance.

Here it is!


Thanks to the AMPL Challenge this weekend people are posting their tips on telegram. Which is a great way to do a little analysis.

So I took a 100 tips over the last 24 hours and this is what I found:


In average users tip themselves 67%

Only 1% tips the Author 100%

So yes we are a bunch of Cheap Cherries


But not extremely cheap as no author was tipped 0%, meaning nobody gave themselves a 100% tip.

Maybe that is due to the fact it´s not possible to Ego Tip like that. 

You see this baby never tried to tip himself more than the author as I would have known 80/20 is the Max. But Nooo, I had to read that in the comments.....thanks for that btw.


For those that care about the impact of this. It means that if 80% is the limit, it is actually 100%. That makes the 67% become 84% ...... my goodness and I thought people were still sort of fair keeping 2/3 and giving 1/3. 

Some more facts

The most common amount of AMPL in a tip is 0.0122 ($0,013) this happened in 37% of the cases.

The Jackpot tip is dropped in 15% of the cases and has a value of 0,0489 AMPL ($0,053).

The lowest total amount of AMPL per tip is 0,0048 AMPL ($0,005)  this happens in 8% of the cases and indeed that would make the 0,0489 Jackpot tip a 10X.

Most common total tip values in AMPL


100 tips were worth $1,88

Over these 100 tips a total of 1.7 AMPL ($1,88) was paid.  Which means that each tip was worth almost 2 cent in average.

So tipping will not make you a millionaire. But reading, learning and earning might. Especially if you put what you learned into practice.


Personally I tip 54/46 for an average article and 80/20 for a good one, but maybe that is because as an author you have a better idea of how we are scraping by.


Thanks for the read, don´t forget to tip yourself generously (oh yeah you already do 😆) and smash that like button so at least I know you liked it!


Edit: It seems there is a bigger Jackpot out there:


Such a shame this reader did 80/20😆 but that is a $0.50 tip and I got 10 cents. Imagine ....that would take 50 of the smallest tips if all the readers did that 80/20. 

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There is more to Bitcoin Baby
There is more to Bitcoin Baby

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