TORUM -This early Metaverse made me so much Money but of course it´s about the Tech

TORUM -This early Metaverse made me so much Money but of course it´s about the Tech


If Marky Mark Z. wants to do a META he´s kinda always. And stealing ideas, like always.


But okay if he had a look at TORUM he probably saw that this makes least you should be rewarding people with your own coin instead of stealing their data for free and getting rich from THEIR content.

Reality is all in your mind

TORUM had that piece covered very nicely, you are owning crypto for completing missions, daily, weekly monthly, one time does not matter. Most important is being rewarded for spending your time in a virtual world. Because this world will become an augmented reality if it´s not already is. Covid has put that process into a maelstrom, but this has been where we were heading towards since Virtual reality became reality in Lawnmower man.


So what the fluff is TORUM?

Well I have been shilling TORUM in the past as a great place to find Free NFTs and it still is but it has become so much more....

For those who remember me shilling TORUM at that time...I never mentioned XTM as at that point in time XTM was worth....well basically nothing as they were not even listed. But to put a price on it it would have been about $0.04. But as I did not know if they would ever list I did not really care.

Now the world has moved on Cryptoslinger

So much has happened since then. 


Torum (Backed by Huobi & Kucoin) is a, if not THE, leading SocialFi ecosystem Social+NFT+DeFi = Metaverse. 

It´s very much crypto-oriented and their XTM Token has gone from 4 cents to over $2 and currently holds $1.30 during this deeply dip we crashed into. That´s a 30X  for their XTM which is a multichain (Ethereum + Polygon + Binance Smart Chain + HECO Chain) utility token. It's now listed on Kucoin, Uniswap, and Pancakeswap and soon hitting several more big exchanges.

And this week their NFT Marketplace went live, their you go that doesn´t just sound like META that even looks like META and is live already, FB eat your heart out.


They are really working hard on getting the name out there....and some heavy marketing is sure to follow.

Other new features include TORUMGRAM and a lounge ... whatever that may hold?


Oh, you want more?

Well, here you go the Development Roadmap and for those maxi´s calling for a whitepaper...of course here you go have fun reading.


Honestly, right now TORUM looks great but feels a bit all over the place. Although that is probably because they have so much happening at the same time and need to find a way to connect those individual´s hard being a pioneer that´s why FB is waiting to steal ideas instead of exploring the Metaverse themselves.

Torum users are called landers and the early landers were the lucky ones as they were harvesting XTM from the start, I was a little late to the party but I was there way before Elon and Mark so I did my share of harvesting and it paid off beautifully.

Actually, it paid for all my 2021 crypto investments and then some. But more about that in my 2021 roundup article. 

It´s all about the tech, right?

For now, let´s focus on the question at hand... can I still make money by joining Torum? Well, as per the title of this article it´s all about the tech first right?


The short answer is yes..... The long one is yes as well btw-

It´s Like with any good crypto you have to be there early....but like with any good crypto you are never too late.

Just join, take a good long look at the missions and start interacting and harvesting your XTM by doing the missions every day:

Post something - 0.5625 XTM

Post something in a clan - 0.5625 XTM

Like 5 Posts - 0.125 XTM

Daily Login - 0.125 XTM

That´s 2 dollar doing daily missions right there.


Plus another 5 XTM for a week of loging in. Thats 15 XTM ($20) weekly!

Is this for real?

Yes it is!, I never expected this and sold a large part of  my XTM some weeks ago, but the current price (dip included) is still approx. what I got for my XTM.  Of course, this project has just started taking off and is truly one of the earliest broader Metaverse experiences. So a lot can happen---- but if I was Marky Mark or Elon I would buy them in 2022.  

What? You want my referral link??

Alright here you go...use my link and get 7,5 XTM to start your journey with ...that is like $10 dollar. In the old days, I got 35 XTM ...worth like $1, oh those good old days (6 months ago). 

And I was a new Lander I would stop spending my time on FB and Insta and use that time wisely.... or just TORUM that time. Do the daily missions, make it a habit. Grab that weekly 5XTM, post daily in my favorite clans. Follow enough landers and companies to get those missions also completed and then by this time next year I would happily buy the person that introduced me to TORUM a huge Christmas gift.

Thanks for the read. Hit that like button gently on your way out as like buttons have feelings too. See you on TORUM and have a lovely rest of your day  😇


Post Scriptum:


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