How to start trading Crypto for free

Hope I clickbaited you into reading this article....

But this is a great time to start trading as we are closer to the bottom than the top and Yes you can start trading crypto for free. Or at least without investing any money or requiring a KYC.

So how would you go about it?

Well the first thing you need is a place to start trading and my personal favorite is the Kucoin Exchange.

Kucoin is a great exchange, with many options and benefits if you ask me and you do not need a KYC if you do not deposit money using a debit or credit card. And as we were planning to not invest money we will have no need to KYC you will just need to sign up for which you can use this link.

You then have to choose between two sign-up methods (via Email or Mobile phone).


You will not be asked for personal information. Now just accept the terms of service (don´t read them, nobody does) and click “Sign Up”.

Verifying your email address and phone number is standard, but KuCoin also suggests protecting the account using the Google two-factor authentication (2FA), this is not mandatory and I did not do so in my first year. 

For a full Kucoin Review, I suggest this article.

So now you have your first exchange ready to go..... the only thing missing is funds. 

Obtaining Funds

Well obtaining funds is the easy part, but it might take a while so you better get started. There are only a few ways to get free funds and some are a bit easier than others.


Well as you are here already... the easiest way is to join Publish0x if you did not do so already. Now start learning and learning by rewarding the articles daily....


Or even better write some articles yourself.

The AMPL you make on Publish can be sent to Kucoin from 0.50 cents and well I suggest aiming at $10 to start your trading adventure with. And yes that will take some time, but my girlfriend has already made over $5 in AMPL just by rewarding articles.


A second way to make free Crypto is NoiseCash and if you are creating content you can also use Readcash.

On Noisecash it might take a bit of time before you start earning BCH, but if you write nice little value-adding posts you will be rewarded in BCH and if you look me up and let me know you´re working on getting your $10 to start your trading adventure I will make sure to support you where I can. On Noise you can easily earn 10-50 cents per day, you would make that 10 dollars in a month.


Well and if you have a long-term vision you should start using TORUM, you will need to earn 500XTM which will take you 10 minutes every day for 40-50 weeks, but once you complete that journey and make 500XTM you can easily send $150-200 dollars to your Kucoin account to start your trading adventure.


BRAVE Browser

If you plan on making free crypto please make sure you start using the BRAVE browser and start accumulating their BAT utility coin, you can best swap these for a coin with low transfer fees e.g. BCH in your uphold wallet and send those to your Kucoin account. For more on how to use Brave, you can review the below video.

WAX Deposits

But if you were ever into selling NFTs on WAX that you got for free (like me), check if you still have funds or NFTs there and sell those NFTs and transfer the WAX to Kucoin. Also, make sure to check if you have some RAM or CPU staked that you can sell.


Selling RAM


Selling CPU





And for those that can´t wait so long and plan to start trading with $50 dollars or more, there is a way to add an additional $30 dollars to your initial investment. If you deposit $50 dollars in CAKE DFI you will receive a $30 sign-up bonus. Once you completed the sign-up you can withdraw your $50 (I did so after 2 weeks) to Kucoin and you will still receive your $30 bonus after 6 months, which you can then also deposit on your Kucoin account.

All of the Above

I used all of the above and never have I had any issues or complaints and I have been doing so for over a year now, so if you have any doubts or questions let me know.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I just wanted to show that trading is accessible for all of us. That you do not need any capital to start trading. When you start trading, you start learning and by learning you hopefully start earning. And this way you can start doing this without having to invest any of your hard-earned cash.

Soon (next week) I will write a follow-up on how to trade on Kucoin for the absolute beginners and trust me it´s not that hard. So if you in the meantime can figure out how to sell (for USDT)the crypto you send to Kucoin that would be great. If not or if you rather wait...well you might not have $10 left by the time my next article is done....but hey ....maybe prices will rise.

Whatever happens, I will show you step by step how to sell, how to buy, and what is a smart strategy if you would ask me.


And I will tell you all about my Noob screw-ups so you can avoid them.


For now, don´t take advice from a baby, but do hit that like button and have a lovely rest of your day.

Post Scriptum (Yes, that is what PS stands for 😁)


Platforms where I Earn Crypto for my Content (Affiliate Links):

Torum -

NoiseCash -

ReadCash -

Hive -

Peaked - 

Publish0x -


Exchanges where I trade Crypto (Affiliate Links):

BitVavo Exchange- European. Higher trading fees (0.25 %) & Great Customer Service -

Kucoin Exchange - Hong Kong. Okay, trading fees (0.1 %) & Contains a lot of low cap gems. Customer Service takes time -

Bitmart - Global (USA allowed) Low, trading fees if you use BMX (0.025 %) & Contains a wide variety of coins -


Places where I do Liquidity Mining and Staking  

Cake DeFi.  Here you have to invest $50 dollar and you get 30 dollars for free. You can withdraw your 50 dollars at any time or use them for Liquidity Mining, Staking, or lending to earn more DFI rewards. The 30 dollars is locked for 6 months but earning you interest of the 6 months. 

Celsius. Celsius Network provides a platform of curated services with fair interest, zero fees, and lightning-quick transactions. You can store your crypto and get rewards or lend crypto with low fees. Celsius has been around since 2017 and stated to always have the best interest of the community in mind. My experience so far has been good although I will not stake all my crypto with them...NYKNYC

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