Current DOGE Craze can have huge Negative Impact on Crypto adoption

Current DOGE Craze can have huge Negative Impact on Crypto adoption

The Current Doge price is pure Insanity, if you don´t mind taking advice from a baby.....


My guess is that the majority of DOGE currently bought is bought by Crypto Neanderthals. And in the end it will be bad for mass adoption, because this is what will happen:

The experienced crypto holders will sell their DOGE en mass and prices will drop and these Cryptothals whom did their first crypto investment in DOGE will be like:

"OOOOh crypto....Crypto Bad.....

Crypto make me loose Big.

Me buy many DOGE ...because Elon Say DOGE will go to Moon....

Now DOGE dead.... me big lose....Crypto Bad."


You can argue that DOGE is a collectible, but even then you only need to hodl one. And with 10.000 Doge coins being mined every minute with an infinite market cap.... buying DOGE is like buying sand...although sand has a better use case.

If you don´t hear from me in a´s because I am hiding from the DOGEarmy.


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There is more to Bitcoin Baby
There is more to Bitcoin Baby

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