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Black Friday - CAKE gives a $30 bonus on your $25 Investment - Is that too good to be true?


Well by now you all know I like my CAKE... right?


Simply because it made me mentioned in other blogs true Money for Nothing.

But their Black Friday offer is unbeatable...,

Normally YOU would need to invest $50 dollars for a piece of that $30 CAKE bonus .....but now with this deal, it's only $25. CAKE is offering 50% off on the Sign-up Deposit...which is truly the best deal I have seen so far.


Too Good To Be True?

That means that you will get a $30 DFI Bonus if just pay 25 dollars. And that my friends sounds too good to be true and I will probably sound like a broken record on repeat but can you trust CAKE DeFi?

I will just share my own experience once more with y´all:

CAKE DeFi has always paid out my withdrawals and I have been withdrawing DFI to Kucoin for the last 6 months. On top of that, I could even withdraw my initial sign-Up deposit a month after depositing it. 


Why I have withdrawn my investment was because as most of you that are a little bit known in this cryptoverse ...if it sounds too good to be true it probably is...

But my experience is that in this case all went legit and I gut my sign-up deposit back, I send it to my Kucoin wallet without any issues and most importantly, without losing my Bonus and only paying a 5 cent fee. And as per my withdrawal extract, I have done this several times during these last 6 months.


And this is the BlackFriday deal that keeps giving because: 

Additionally, you receive 5% cashback for all 6+ months Freezer entries and extensions.

This deal only applies from 26 November 2021 until 08:00 UTC on 3 December 2021 and will require you to use a referral code to obtain $30 instead of $20.


1.Q: How long has cake been around?

1. A: For over a year now


2. Q: Did you ever have issues withdrawing?

2. A: No

3. Q: Did you find negative news while doing your research

3. A: Yes I did, the owner seems to be a businessman with a shady track record. Not convicted, but shady like most good businessmen. More details in my article 

4. Q: Did anybody use your referral link in the past? And did they respond negatively afterward?

4. A: Yes I have had several people using my referral amongst whom, my girlfriend. She got her money back and bought us dinner from the $30 bonus. And No, nobody ever came back to me claiming they were scammed after using my referral.

5. Q: Will my sign-up deposit be locked for a period of time and how does it make me money?

5. A: No I could withdraw my sign-up deposit during my first month. You can use your deposit for several things:

  • Staking up to 52.9% APY + a max. of 80.76% bonus APY based on duration

  • Liquidity Mining up to 63.97% APR

  • Lending up to 6% APY

6. Q: When and how do I get my $30 Bonus?

6. A: Your Bonus will be locked for 6 months, but it will earn you interest during that period?

7. Q: Can I use your referral code?

7. A: Of course, here you go 😆

So I guess that if you ever wanted to have a taste of CAKE, this is the cheapest opportunity you will ever have. And I am honestly annoyed that I already did my KYC and can not join this round.



Hope you will get your $30 money for nothing, hit that like button gently, and have a lovely rest of your day.


Post Scriptum:


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Places where I do Liquidity Mining and Staking  

Cake DeFi.  Here you have to invest $50 dollar and you get 30 dollars for free. You can withdraw your 50 dollars at any time or use them for Liquidity Mining, Staking, or lending to earn more DFI rewards. The 30 dollars is locked for 6 months but earning you interest of the 6 months. 

Celsius.Celsius Network provides a platform of curated services with fair interest, zero fees, and lightning quick transactions. You can store your crypto and get rewards or lend crypto with low fees. Celsius has been around since 2017 and stated to always have the best interest of the community in mind. My experience so far has been good although I will not stake all my crypto with them...NYKNYC

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