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Are the Squid Game Tokens a Scam or is there a way to transfer them and get your Big Prize ;)

Not only the Squid Game tv show reached an All-Time High, the Squid Game token also amazed audiences around the world.

But many scam stories start to appear now that investors wanna collect their incredible 110,000% gains....


It seems they are unable to sell.... "Coinmarketcap already put up a banner warning about the high risk of investing in the token because it might be blocking the posterior sales -something ubiquitous in several crypto scams."



Is it a Scam?

Well if you follow the leads provided by @asparagiii on Twitter it definitely smells like a scam....

If you check out their website and see this Elon reference ....that should be a warning, right?


Secondly, who are those friendly faces?


Maybe that's because he spelled it incorrectly (it´s Kenny), but still smelly smelly...


And also they were using actual show videos on there (DMCA takedown incoming)


But I know how you can get your investment back and win that big prize.


It´s easy you just got to complete all six games and you can transfer your coins.


GAME 1 - Red Light, Green Light

As we´re talking blockchain we know which wallets are holding what, now the squid token team will send their minivans to pick up all the holders.....and they will play a game of "Transfer your coins to your neighbor."

The 45% that are too slow completing the transfer get eliminated and their coins get burned.



Here the players need to join Honeycomb (a service that allows you to publicly prove you own a WAX address and Discord account). The thing is that there are just NFT´s enough for 45% of the remaining Token holders.



The remaining Token holders need to make 2 teams, once the teams are established they will both get on a scale and the number of tokens owned by the entire team will be measured.

The team with the most tokens wins....easy right? The tokens and the team that loses get burned.


GAME 4 - Marbles

Each player is teamed up with another player, they get a bag of 7 marbles and need to get their marbles as close to the current token price as possible. The one that comes closest....will live a bit longer.


GAME 5 - The glass bridge

The 5 leftover players will need to cross a glass bridge, they can see an enormous exchange display....when they get on a glass plate while the price is going up they are saved....when the price falls so will they.


GAME 6 - The Squid Game

Now all tokens are burned, except for the ones owned by the two last standing..... They will battle it out following the Squid Game Rules.....

There will be only one (winner).

And those are the people that created this scam token and fooled many poor idiots fomoing into another great scam.

Hope you enjoyed my little fantasy, if so don´t forget to like & stay safe, DYOR and don´t buy into FOMO!

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