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By codingdefined | CodingDefined's Blog | 28 Jan 2023

I have been looking around the platform which actually does automatic rebalance for me. I have used Niyo Money, but they stopped the portfolio rebalancing and only gave the option for SIP rebalance. If I use that I will have too many Mutual Funds lying around and will not do any good for me. So I started looking for something which does that.

I found out that ET Money has an option which is called Genius. The only problem is that I had to pay Rs 250 per month as a maintenance charge. I do not mind paying that much if they can give me good returns as they are promising.



So they are promising us to give 16% returns every year which is actually great because I am getting around 12.1% returns doing DIY. 12.1% is great but getting 16% does make a difference if we think long term. This 3 - 4 % for the long term can create enormous wealth. The only question is, can they do it?

I was going through the past returns and was convinced that they are actually good but again paying Rs 250 per month or Rs 3000 per year is too much if we are starting with just Rs 5K SIP per month. For someone who is creating the SIP for Rs 25K or more, for them, it actually matters to go with them but again someone starting the investment should actually check the terms and considerations before starting.

In my case, I am convinced but still, the only problem is whether should I pay them Rs 3k per year or not is what kept me bothering. They also have a stock portfolio and thus if I upgrade or use Genius then I can also use that to manage the stocks for me and thus get some returns from them. I am thinking of using the service for 1 year and seeing what difference it brings to the table and thus based on that I can decide whether to continue or not.

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I am a Proud Indian working as a developer in the tech hub of India (Bangalore). I am also a blogger who loves to write about technology, finance and programming.

CodingDefined's Blog
CodingDefined's Blog

I am a Proud Indian working as a developer in the tech hub of India (Bangalore). I am also a blogger who loves to write about technology and programming.

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