Opera Browsers’ Crypto Wallet and BAT Backed Brave Browser

Opera Browsers’ Crypto Wallet and BAT Backed Brave Browser

Opera Browser appears to be following the steps of its close rival, BAT backed Brave browser but both have their own unique features. Opera Browser just announced that you can their crypto wallet is coming to iOS but currently on Android.

In their latest update, the project team has announced you can access decentralized content using the Opera browser though it is still in the experimental phase. What’s more; you can purchase your Ethereum from the inbuilt Opera crypto wallet.

These additional features might give the Opera Wallet a huge boost but it is not likely to rival its competitor, the Brave browser which offers the users additional privacy and blocking those internet goer nagging ads.

In addition Brave is way ahead in the browser category as it will soon start paying its users; thanks to its partnership with Basic Attention (BAT) token. This will also see content developers break even in an environment that the middlemen have been getting away with profits that they not worked for.

Visibility and User Adoption War

Although the two browsers are targeting different clientele, it is clear that the losers will be the likes of Google Chrome and Safari among others. With the current crypto awareness and user demand for privacy and sensitive data protection, it is clear that users will prefer browsers that run on blockchain.

The beauty of Brave and Opera browser is that they are repositioning themselves at a time when crypto use cases are on the rise and this will play a major role is giving them the elusive exposure and visibility. Users on the other hand have become more sensitive to their privacy and this will shift their focus from traditional browsers.

More online goers and crypto enthusiasts are eyeing Brave more compared to Ethereum enabled Opera browsers’ crypto wallet. However, time will tell as both are in the beta stage. The more features each adds the better and the users will be going for the one with better features, benefits and user experience.


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