Brave Browser, BAT and Your Online Freedom
Brave Browser, BAT and Your Online Freedom

Procrastination has always denied human beings many glaring opportunities. There are many users who do not appreciate the existing browsers and yet are hesitant to trying the latest browser in the market. It is true that Brave Browser is crypto friendly and that is one reason among many you should try it.

Just like the traditional browsers, it is easy to download Brave and surprisingly, it is fast to install and run on your computer. Anyone has personal data that is sensitive and one way of safeguarding it is using the new browser security features. The feeling is never good when you realize your data has been shared with third parties without your consent.


What’s more; Brave and BAT (Basic Attention) collaboration is poised to disrupt the adverting niche and usher in an era where they can use the BAT token to access all Brave Browser services.  Once you become a participant on the Brave ecosystem, you open up to get rewarded with BAT tokens.

Free Personal Data is Rare but Expensive

One reason traditional browsers are hard to trust is they can easily be tampered with and your data sold to third parties and you never get rewarded for it. Data leaks have been reported in Facebook and Google and you never know where the user information goes after the leaks.

The entry of Brave browser has seen the user rethink browsing.  The time you have been spending with Chrome or safari has reduced drastically when using Brave. This means you are saving on the browsing costs as well as freeing up more time to attend to your other chores.

Another salient feature that you will love about Brave is the privacy which has been elusive for those who love browsing; the influx of unsolicited for ads has been reduced to zero.  Traditionally, you have been used by advertisers as a revenue generator for them without your consent since ads are forced on you.

Brave has done away with the forced ad madness and has ushered in a better browsing experience. More internet goers are likely to download Brave browser now compared to Chrome or Safari. If you are keen on supporting content developers, the Brave platform is the “in-thing”. Anyone can download the app and run it; no special skills required to enjoy the Brave Browser benefits.



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