5 Reasons You Need to Switch to Brave Browser
5 Reasons You Need to Switch to Brave Browser

If you are still stuck with your old browser, you are missing out on the benefits of a modern browser. The web has for long been dominated by Google Chrome which is designed to support the search engine arm of the monopoly and does not care about the agony users go through accessing the web.

The entry on Brave Browser in to the market is set to change all that and give the web goer a new experience. The browser comes with unique features that set it apart from Chrome and Safari; it is an open source built with privacy, speed and dependability in mind. Here are 3 reasons that you need to switch to Brave browser:

Brave Loading Speed is Incredible

The team behind Brave is user sensitive; they have put loading speed first. This makes it a better choice from existing slow browsers. If you have not tried it, it loads faster compared to the competition in the market today. If you are using Chrome on your home computer, you understand the frustrations.

The speeds offer users new possibilities and you do not have to waste time and computing power when doing your online searches. To get the new experience, you can test the incredible speeds here.

Brave Gives Protection against Unwanted Content

Most internet goers are sensitive to data charges and a fast browser reduces the costs drastically. Old version browsers make web goers spend more on unwanted content. With Brave, you pay for what you use and you are not bombarded with ads that do not make sense to you and what you are browsing.

Chrome for example makes users incur extra charges by presenting irrelevant ads and information. That has been changed by the new revolutionary browser and you can save up $276 annually in data charges.

Brave Blocks Ads and Trackers


By default, the Brave Browser shields the user from ads and trackers that do not add value to them. What’s more; the browser blocker keeps count of ads and trackers blocked from users. This is a feature that mas been missing and demand for privacy has necessitated its inclusion in the app.

With this feature, your location will no longer be tracked and your browsing history will not be captured.  Google Chrome continued dominance has seen major websites host a wide array of ads and trackers.

Brave Browser’s Publishers Soft Spot

It is no secret that publishers have been fleeced of their hard earned money for long. With Brave Browser, you can now reward your best publishers using their blockchain feature. The software allows internet goers give back to their favorite content creators especially those sites affiliated to Brave.

The reward system does away with middlemen who have been eating into the publishers’ earning. This means content creator will earn more in a transparent environment; thanks to a partnership between the Browser and the Basic Attention (BAT) blockchain ecosystem.

Keep Your Browsing Private

With Chrome and safari, there is no privacy but Brave guarantees privacy in your browsing. The app comes with several privacy features that keeps you secure and protects you from being tracked. This is a new era with no foreseen threats on your “peculiar browsing habits”.

You can download Brave for your desktop and if you browse on the go, you will have to wait a little longer to get the smartphone version of the browser. However, you can start enjoying the Brave feature on your home computer as you wait for the mobile version.



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