3 Social Media Platforms that are Crypto Scams Haven

3 Social Media Platforms that are Crypto Scams Haven

Your mother must have warned you against trusting strangers but she may have forgotten to mention social media impersonation. Well, the reality is with us now and the number of crypto crimes committed through these platforms is on the rise and backed with a lot of sophistication.

More people are crypto aware today compared to five years ago and hitting on a random social media users can yield quick results for the criminals. The criminals target select social media networks simply because of their user base. No one is safe from these scammers and they are not seasonal; they hit at will.

Here are some social media networks that are targeted and you must have experienced their tactics.

Twitter Takes the Lead                

If you have a twitter accounts and interested in earning cryptos, you must have noticed the rise of crypto scams. There are so many phony giveaways that entice users to send digital currency in exchange for higher sums after the “initial investment”.

The frequency of these tweets appear to have reached an alarming rate and their saturation levels seem to be taking a new dimension; airdrops. Some of the crypto criminals are bold enough to request for personal details and some new crypto users might be tempted to send their private keys! However, twitter con artists are shifting base to Facebook.

Facebook Ads Targeted by Crypto Criminals

Facebook has been around for a long time and a lot has changed with shifting user demands. Facebook sponsored ads is a new feature that has created a soft landing pad for cyber criminals. These ds are used as decoys to get access to Facebook user data that may lead them to their crypto wallets.

Most of the links included in the ads are strategic phishing leads promising huge crypto opportunities. Once you enter your sensitive data, the same is used to hack your accounts and your crypto is stolen. Scam websites are well designed and highly responsive not to miss a dump victim.

Banning crypto ads from Facebook was a good idea but its reinstatement means more users are exposed to crypto scams more than before. The “pre-approved crypto ads” promise appears not to work well and scammers are taking advantage of the Facebook “ad screening lapse”.

Telegram is the Newbie Crypto Scam Haven

Telegram might be young but a fast growing instant messaging platform. It is easy to send links over the platform and this is turning to be a crypto scam haven. The scammers are real users with names representing high profile crypto firms. The scammers are not in a hurry and take time to develop rapport with their victims before hitting on them.

Once you open up through candid chats, the stranger becomes a friend and that is how easy the clean your crypto wallet. These might sound far-fetched but once you are hit, it downs on you that the scammer knows the art.

Next time you are interacting with your “friends” on social media, be very careful; not all of them are there for the fun but are in real illegal business, perpetuating crypto scams and crimes.


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