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What can YOU do for crypto?

By CrSanity | Irregular Format | 20 Feb 2023

Most of us here, on Publish0x know what Crypto is.

It wouldn't be a lie if I said we love what Crypto is and what it stands for.

We use it everyday, trading, buying things, selling things, doing DeFi, staking, gathering. 

For different purposes, people from around the world are interconnected through this blockchain web.

Crypto is increasing adoption around the world, day by day, we can't deny it.

Few years ago, "old mans" were laughing at bitcoin, some were shouting, calling it a scam, a ponzi, a lie.

It may be only my speculation, but it rings a bell if you think about the beginnings of the internet. 

  • Why would I use internet to check the news? I can buy a newsletter.
  • Videos? I got CD's and VHS.
  • Music? I got a boombox and a radio, I don't need a computer or internet for this. 
  • Communication? I can write a letter, call someone with my phone or write an SMS.

Yet still, after many years, we are here. We do everything through internet.

Even loud screams of "old man" did not stop the evolution.

Evolution is born with the need to improve, and there's always room for improvement.

This old man is scared of evolution, it demolishes his already established world and the rules that govern it.

I'm not to judge the old man. I will become "him" one day. 

Because the fight and the need to evolve derives from one common thing.




The motor that drives our society evolution, and its fuel is convenience. 

Convenience is achieved through different means. 

The one way that creates so much trouble for us, innovative people is becoming accustomed.

But becoming accustomed is a human nature flaw that only a few can fight with.

Crypto is innovative and convenient in many ways.

But current system is a habit that became convenient in comparison to previous system.

In order to change the world, we need to force into everyday life and demolish the old system, to show accustomed people that there is something more above.


So what can YOU and me do for Crypto?

What can we do for ourselves and everyone else?


To make it simple. Imagine feudal times, harsh, extreme conditions, where approximately 20% of human population was undernourished eating one meal a week, and even more was accustomed to a terrifyingly low standards if we look through prism of today. 

The system evolved through centuries, and here today we stand. Probably at our peak in history considering wellbeing of human beings. 

But there is still room to improve. We cannot and shouldn't get accustomed to how the world looks today. 

It is still safe to say, we here at Publish0x, and not only, are pioneers of modern world evolution.

Blockchain culture started with monetary changes when bitcoin arrived, but it constantly evolved. DeFi is happening, NFTs are happening. Digital Identity is happening. Every single aspect of life that can be improved, is getting improved on a rapid pace. 

But it is very hard, possibly next to impossible to introduce it to people who are used to live their life the way they used to. 

Because why would you want to change your life drastically if everything works?

Human beings try to be emphatic, but it probably is not in our nature generally speaking. 

If someone is living a good life, he probably wont care about poor people, it is not because of some kind of grudge, not because everyone is evil, but only because the need of safety. We subconsciously create a bubble around us, that keeps us safe from dangers of outside.

What we, "Crypto cult members" are trying to do is pierce through that bubble, and show everyone there is no danger outside.

That is why many people are hostile to "Crypto emissaries". They are afraid of their bubble bursting. 

But that is not a reason for evolution to stop. 

Fear is never a good advisor, and never was.

That is why we should not fear. If crypto is the answer, we should continue our everyday fight. 

Write about crypto. Buy crypto. Sell crypto. Think about crypto. Build crypto. 

Introduce crypto to your friends, local government, business. 

If this is the better way of doing things, people will start to catch up. 

What we people fear more than evolution is the fear of being alone.

If the world evolves, it will force more people to join the evolution.


None of information in this article should be considered a financial advice, it's my own analysis and facts I wanted to share with this wonderful community.


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