PILLZ - New not so revolutionary and not so useful memecoin on Cardano

By CrSanity | Irregular Format | 9 May 2023

In my previous article, I wrote about my new project.

PILLZ - The community-driven project that aims to restore sanity to crypto investors by fair token distribution, small, clear and realistic roadmap and most importantly, no presales.

I want to make it fair and square for everyone interested in this small project and reward engaged people equally. 

Following the Cardano Blockchain ethos, let's make it equal for everyone.

For everyone interested in this pointless undertaking, visit the project Twitter account.

Also feel free to drop your Cardano wallet address below to receive an airdrop.


None of the information in this article should be considered financial advice, it's my analysis and facts I wanted to share with this wonderful community.

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Binance - Biggest Crypto exchange in the space, lots of tokens, and very low fees!

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