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How to find out if an article was written by AI?

By CrSanity | Irregular Format | 27 Feb 2023

AI is a hot topic. After some brainstorm while I was searching for an interesting article topic I came up with an interesting idea. I decided to do some research about AI writing and ask the source itself. Let me introduce you to Chat GPT explaining how to differentiate between human and AI writing.


And this was the response I got.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly popular tool in content creation, and it's becoming more difficult to tell whether an article was written by a human or an AI algorithm. As AI technology advances, it's essential to know how to identify articles that were written by AI. In this article, we'll discuss some of the ways to find out if an article was written by AI.

Check the Language and Style of the Article

  • One of the most effective ways to identify if an article was written by AI is to look at its language and style. AI writing tools are often trained on a specific type of language, which means they have a limited vocabulary and use the same tone and style throughout the article. AI-written articles may use phrases that sound unnatural or have awkward sentence structures that are not typical of human writing. Additionally, AI-written articles may lack creativity and originality, and their content may appear generic or cookie-cutter.

Analyze the Quality of Writing

  • While AI technology has improved significantly in recent years, it still cannot replicate the depth of analysis that human writers can provide. A well-written article is not only informative but also engaging and thought-provoking. Articles written by AI may lack the nuance and perspective that human writers provide. As a result, AI-written articles may be less engaging and may not provide insights beyond what is readily available on the internet.

Examine the Author's Credentials

  • Checking the author's credentials can also help you determine if an article was written by AI. If the article was written by an established author or journalist, it's less likely to be written by AI. On the other hand, if the author has no online presence or does not have any credentials, it's more likely that the article was written by an AI algorithm.

Use Online Tools to Check for Plagiarism

  • Plagiarism is a common issue with AI-written articles, as AI algorithms may copy and paste content from other sources without proper attribution. You can use online plagiarism tools to check if the article contains any copied content. If the article has a high plagiarism percentage, it's more likely that it was written by AI.

Look for Clues in the Formatting

  • Another way to identify if an article was written by AI is to look for clues in the formatting. AI-written articles may follow a specific template, with headings and subheadings following a set format. Additionally, AI-written articles may use the same typeface, font size, and formatting throughout the article.

In conclusion, identifying if an article was written by AI requires a combination of skills and tools. While AI technology has advanced significantly, it still cannot replicate the depth of analysis and creativity that human writers provide. As AI technology continues to evolve, it's important to remain vigilant and use the above strategies to ensure that the content we read is informative, engaging, and written by a human.


After a brief look and using the tips given by GPT, I was able to definitely tell that it was written by AI.

It is very interesting but on the first sight I was able to tell something is off. The most visible problem with AI articles is the first one it mentioned.

I decided to scan the article ChatGPT wrote for me in order to seek for potential plagiarism flags.

But I was surprised.

This are the results.


Results provided by Grammarly


Results provided by


Results provided by


Most of the sites did not flag anything about the writing style or potential plagiarisms. Only Grammarly was not okay with the text generated by AI. 

What the problem with Grammarly seems to be is it sometimes does false flag a text as a plagiarism due to huge database it scans to gather data.

Anyway the most shocking part is that almost all the sites that offer plagiarism check for free are not working as intended.

This article was not written by AI. I'm a human. I drink water.


Let me know what you think in the comments



None of information in this article should be considered a financial advice, it's my own analysis and facts I wanted to share with this wonderful community.


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