By Irma | irma love photography | 31 Aug 2020

Where did that long-awaited summer go - warm, green, flowery?

Was it or wasn't it?

It turns out autumn is a wonderful time of year.

Autumn is a time of calm and concentration, forcing us to think and sometimes take a new look at the values of life. At the same time, it is a period of creative uplift, a kind of urge of nature to hurry.

The contrasts of autumn - the joy of harvest and the sadness awakened by falling leaves, the unique beauty of natural colors and the gusts of rain and wind, sunny silence and sprawling cobwebs - are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Autumn is not only the richest, but also the most colorful time of the year. True, flowers are already rare in October, but how beautiful forests, groves, parks, gardens become. So let’s look after them. Light birch, aspen and linden colors flow through the dark green spruce wall. What a great color contrast indeed!

Colors, colors

Picture was taken by me

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Not a big traveller, nature lover, not a unicorn feeder, day time- mum of two, night- dreamer

irma love photography
irma love photography

Not a big traveler, nature lover, not a unicorn feeder. Day time - mum of two, night - dream chaser.

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