Sweet, NFTs of the record industry

By Irealia | Irealia | 3 Apr 2021

Two months ago, Sweet was presented jointly with Bitcoin.com, a platform aimed at the distribution of digital collectibles (NFTs) and merchandising. In the press release, they make it clear that what they want is to open new commercial paths for entertainment companies, which, until now and like many others, have stayed away from the crypto world.

It is not the first case, and it will not be the last of sectors that, little by little, are adding to the bandwagon of digital collectibles. A week or so ago, I was telling you about Upland, and how they have achieved it, with its interface specially designed to introduce the inexperienced user to the business.

In the case of Sweet, it can be said that they follow the same line, they ensure that any not very experienced user can get hold of collectibles without much effort. A simple registration in the application, and, with a couple of clicks, you will receive your first reward. In my case 2 collectibles, a card from a musical artist for my stranger, Jorge Blanco, who later on investigating I discovered that he is one of these kids discovered by Disney Channel and that he now works for the Hollywood Records label and a second collectible in the form of Fearless Records company coin.

The stylish and colorful interface was already hinting, but after checking my rewards, all my suspicions were confirmed. Sweet is the best way (and for my acquaintance) to get kids closer to the world of NFTs, and as I said, in a comfortable and almost transparent way.

In the application, apart from having a wallet, you can exchange your collectibles with other users, in fact, each collectible has a unique and public URI to facilitate, apart from the representation of the collectible itself in 3D (more attractive), the exchange between users.

I installed the application about ten days ago, and a week after registering, I had access to a new reward, in this case I got a new coin with Sweet's own logo, which in her wallet is valued at $ 4.99, but hey, We already know how these things work, that is the price they put on it, now it only takes a kid, who is not "peeled", to want to buy my coin.

In addition to this, the application has a (logical) section or musical section, where you can connect with your Spotify account, supposedly to generate SUGAR, the token created for this application. Personally, I have connected my Spotify, but I have not managed to earn more SUGAR than I had already obtained with the registration (19.95 SUGAR).

I will add that this application has been developed with the SLP protocol (typical of NFTs) and the BCH chain, the latter being mainly the most notable novelty, since until now they were presented in standards based on TRON or ETHEREUM.

In case someone wants to give it a spin, I leave you the link to access:


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