Week 38 Airdrop & Bounty Roundup

Week 38 Airdrop & Bounty Roundup

By ircrp | ircrp | 20 Sep 2020


Concluding week 38 the following article rounds up the ongoing Airdrops & Bounties.


The King of all the Airdrops - Uniswap

 All the hell broke lose (at least in terms of gas fees) when early on this week people got airdropped with a pretty generous sum of 400 UNI tokens rushing to sell, getting around 1,200 bucks each. As of the time of writing those who hodled on can enjoy a return of at least $2,000 with the near term future looking bright for the token.


The soon to finish Bounty - Multimine

 An ongoing Bounty finishing at the end of September granting $1.00 worth of ETH on daily basis for performing a set of Twitter & Facebook tasks described in the following article: https://publish0x.com/ircrp/sooo-how-can-i-earn-little-eth



The TronLink Wallet Airdrop


An Airdrop campaign being heavily promoted by TronLink wallet for iOS and Android devices focusing on acquiring new users to the Tron ecosystem. The new users and referrers each gain a few hundred of points which are promised to be at a later point exchangeable for TRX & TRC-20 tokens. 




The little Airdrop from SureCrypto


An Airdrop campaign being promoted by SureCrypto which brands itself as a 'Revolutionary DeFi investment Token project' is giving away a little Airdrop worth 5 TRX. Simply find @SureCryptoAirdropbot on telegram and follow the steps (only a Twitter task) to log your claim.


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