Wall Street Trading Firm is accumulating Bitcoins & Alts

By ircrp | ircrp | 8 Nov 2020


One of the Wall Street's biggest high-frequency trading firm of Jump Trading with over 700 head count worldwide has been allegedly quietly accumulating on various Cryptocurrencies. The spotlight has been cast upon Jump Trading by a Messari Crypto researcher Mason Nystrom with revelations that the company is accumulating quite heavily on some alts.


  • The Crypto Analyst has revealed that the discovery of the trading firm's Etherum based holdings were with help of nansen.ai a tool for helping analysis on tokens accumulations and distributions.
  • Apart from Bitcoin, Etherum, Serum & BNB holdings the firm is allegedly in possession of eight ERC-20 based alt coins which include: Compound, Maker, Synthetix, Huobi Token, Numeraire, Orchid, Hxro & Keep Network.
  • With more than a half of the above cryptocurrencies being for a decentralized finance based solutions, perhaps there is a glimpse of hope that Wall Street is about to hype up DeFi and create a huge bubble.
  • Although the specific amount of holdings is undisclosed the firm is thought to be in possession of roughly $75 million worth in cryptocurrencies and is currently known to be the top ten largest holder of Compound token after some massive purchases around the beginning of November 2020
  • The Jump Trading portfolio is now being tracked by Messari and can be publicly viewed through their screener platform


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