The SolarWinds hacks will likely dwarf the Ledger hack with future data leaks

The SolarWinds hacks will likely dwarf the Ledger hack with future data leaks

By ircrp | ircrp | 23 Dec 2020


As the dust is slowly settling after the the recent public data leak of the Ledger hack, the recent reports on the SolarWinds hacks in the United States are reporting on several government agencies being compromised on top of an estimated up to 18,000 public & private companies, including high profile tech companies such as Microsoft, VMware, Belkin, Intel, Cisco & others being affected. 

With that, one could speculate that there are high chances that some of those companies (or to make things worse government agencies) have used insufficient data protection practices in some part of their system which would've resulted in a data leak.

  • The breach of Ledger's marketing database has shown that it can take several months from the time a company is breached to the time most of the affected users get to find out about the breach.
  • In most cases the leaked data is traded between scammers for the first weeks/months, with for example Ledger leaked data rumored to been valued at 5 Bitcoins during first hand sale. Typically the leaked data set is losing immensely on value as more and more scammers get their hand on it, sometimes leading to the data being so devalued that it makes it to the public space within few months or years.
  • The SolarWinds was a recent hack targeted on the United States government agencies & companies which were using the SolarWinds software for aiding their IT departments with monitoring & management tools for its network infrastructure, which happened to be the common exploitable backdoor into the networks.
  • Having potentially almost 18,000 of companies using the affected version of exploitable software, one could speculate that a substantial amount of those systems would've been targeted and that the hackers at least managed to break through the newsletter subscriber databases including emails in some of the companies, and even some chances that they managed to get more confidential data in cases the data was not protected sufficiently.
  • With that, I really hope that nobody ends up being hacked/scammed as a consequence of those hacks but the darker side of me believes that 2021 could be one of a sh*t storm in terms of data leaks and people getting targeted with scams, especially in the United States.



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