Sooo.. how can I earn little ETH ?

Sooo.. how can I earn little ETH ?

By ircrp | ircrp | 19 Sep 2020


Whilst the hype around the most generous airdrop of Uniswap in the history is calming down, lets face it most of us missed it out and we wish we could go back in time, earn that little ETH to make some small operations on a set of upcoming decentralized exchanges.


The following presents a relatively quick way to earn some little Etherum on a one-off and daily basis through an ongoing bounty:

Disclaimer: whilst this post focuses in some aspects on highlighting the credibility of the ongoing bounty, I would advise to do your thorough research whilst choosing other services.


The easiest reward being the one-off reward with the only pre-requisite of a youtube account worth $0.50 Etherum can be done by simply subscribing, liking & sharing the video.

The daily rewards come with pre-requisities, however once met are a quick stream of $0.50 daily rewards per each;

  • Facebook: must have a minimum of 1000 friends
    • once met simply post, share & comment about multimine on Facebook with public visibility and submit a form.
  • Twitter: must have a minimum of 500 followers with twitter audit (e.g.
    • once met simply post, retweet & comment about multimine on Twitter and submit a form.


The bounty itself appears to be in most parts very automated and transparent in that when you submit the form your entry is reflected straight away in a publicly visible Excel Spreadsheet which on daily basis is reviewed and updated with statuses to reflect the current state of the entry. Ultimately if successful the record will be updated with a link to the etherscan transaction.


Although the rewards are reviewed on daily basis around the same times, there will be days when the transaction will be postponed to further day(s) due to high gas fees.


Having started performing the bounty about two weeks ago I have now accumulated some 0.031 ETH. The transactions can be looked up via etherscan:



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