Coinbase Cosmos (ATOM) Staking

Coinbase Cosmos (ATOM) Staking

By ircrp | ircrp | 4 Oct 2020


With the beginning of October 2020 customers of Coinbase in the US, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain owning at least 1 ATOM have been automatically opted into the staking rewards for Cosmos.


  • You must hold the ATOM tokens on, as staking on Coinbase Pro is not available.
  • Business accounts are not eligible for the staking rewards, with only individual accounts qualifying.
  • Current staking rewards payouts are scheduled on 7 day basis.
  • Staking rewards payouts will be visible under recent transaction section.
  • US customers who generate earnings over $600 from the Staking Rewards will automatically receive a 1099-MISC document from Coinbase for tax reporting purposes.
  • To confirm that you have been automatically opted into the staking rewards, or to opt out you can navigate to the Financial Services section within your Coinbase app and see the toggle under the Staking Rewards icon.



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