Brave Desktop Browser gets an update

By ircrp | ircrp | 28 Oct 2020


With the last days of October of 2020 Brave developers have delivered on a new minor version upgrade focusing on security and privacy along with upgrading of existing features and a few new ones. However a personal disappointment comes from the the fact that the Brave rewards not crediting for shown ads issue is still not getting properly addressed after over a month of getting reported, with so far the issue only getting patched resulting in many existing users not getting any Brave ads at all in the past weeks.


  • Notably in the new version there appears a QR Code button under brave://rewards page which although so far undocumented, presumably will be allowing Brave users to transfer the BAT tokens they have accumulated on their iOS Browser to their Desktop Browser.
  • A new rewards feature was delivered to limit the delivery of ads which are deemed as repetitive and unwanted
    • If a user has a "landed" event on a page, do not show anything from that same campaign for another 48 hours.
    • If a user has "dismissed" an ad twice in a row without clicking, also do not show anything from that same campaign for 48 hours.


Release Notes V1.16.68

  • Added widget to the New Tab Page. (#12074)
  • Added the ability to use 24-hour clock on the New Tab Page. (#9038)
  • Added QR code under brave://rewards for iOS devices. (#12176)
  • Added Greaselion support for YouTube creators. (#9133)
  • Added Auto-Contribute feature flag to Greaselion. (#11670)
  • [Security] Fixed WebTorrent redirect issue as reported on HackerOne by d3f4u17. (#11683)
  • [Security] Encrypted private wallet data preferences for Brave Rewards. (#2555)
  • Updated Startpage search to give attribution to Brave. (#12257)
  • Updated Dapp detection script to be minified. (#11725)
  • Updated Dapp detection to use window.ethereum. (#11698)
  • Updated Brave Ads to automatically limit unwanted Brave Ads delivery. (#11617)
  • Updated Tor to use an OS selected port number. (#649)
  • Updated “Learn more” link under brave://settings/help which displays in certain cases on Windows. (#11746)
  • Renamed “Web3 provider for using Dapps” to “Ethereum provider for using Dapps” under brave://settings/extensions. (#11711)
  • Removed known email tracking parameters from Vero URLs. (#11817)
  • Removed known tracking parameter “yclid” from URLs. (#11578)
  • Removed intra-site requests from the query string filter. (#9020)
  • Removed prompt to select Dapp provider when MetaMask is installed. (#11623)
  • Removed login flow from Brave Rewards in certain cases when a KYC’d Uphold user wallet was previously connected. (#11760)
  • Fixed issue where restoring a Brave Rewards wallet failed in certain cases. (#11647)
  • Fixed breakage on sites that use “addthis” scripts in certain cases. (#11744)
  • Fixed issue where long translations on the “Connect to Gemini” button for the Gemini widget did not display properly. (#11445)
  • Fixed “Customize Dashboard” modal to remove unnecessary scroll bars. (#11374)


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