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You want a full course on how to gain success on Upland, here I decided to share some of my own experience plus help offered by pro gamers as well.

Upland blockchain game is a popular Metaverse project (available on desktop, Apple & Android) with the mission of buying lands, house construction, reselling, renting, and more. You pay and earn money in the game using UPX (in-game currency which is not being traded yet).

In Upland, Blockchain technology guarantees true ownership of digital assets. The in-app currency called “UPX” fuels an open market economy.


With Upland game, it is best to first do some research and then, with full confidence enjoy the thrill of buying and owning lands in virtual reality. Just imagine having a property in a game, but on a real map and the ownership of that property is really in your name. Of course it is in the virtual world! still, seems quite exciting that nobody else can touch your wealth in the game. But what is more exhilarating is to test your abilities to buy and sell properties in a real estate market!

I’m quite fond of the idea myself, If work allows, I’ll invest my time in a virtual world, which is an exact copy of the real world. But in this one, I have a chance to claim my own empire!

The main idea is to buy and acquire lands, then resell them at a higher price, thus becoming wealthier. Although, there is more to it…

In the game you can see that the map of the real world is been zoned into plots of land, blue ones are the already bought lands, green zones are available for purchase and the gray area is yet to be mint.

Upland has different statuses; “visitors” for newcomers and “Uplanders” for players who accumulated or bought a net worth of 10,000 UPX (10 €), “pro” who know the game like the back of their hand! , then “Director” & “Executive” are the highest statuses.


Startup Tips

  • Be careful to keep logging in for 7 days, if you are still a visitor, otherwise, you’ll lose all the progress and the gained UPX. (It's called renewing Visa!)
  • With 10,000 UPXs you are a virtual citizen of Upland, which means "Uploader" status. Uplander citizenship comes with an account (aka wallet) with private keys on the EOS blockchain.
  • FSA stands for “Fair Start Act”, so new players have a fair opportunity to grow in Upland. Buying FSA properties is highly recommended for new players (Visitors and Uplanders) because after leveling up to “pro”, they can no longer mint FSA lands. To purchase FSA, your explorer needs to be nearby. So, first, click on a neighboring property already purchased. Then click on “Send” plus pay the “Fee” to move there.

Send Fee: Traveling through other players' properties costs money and it goes both ways, which means you can gain money as well when other players pass through your lands (AKA Send)

  • How to Buy & Sell: place your Avatar in the area, search for the clue to a treasure or open the Street View to see the photo of the property.
  • Owning lands on Upland equals stable monthly income. (an annual income which can be quite satisfying)
  • Collections: complete missions called “Collections”, is one way to earn more money in Upland. The first stage only needs you to have a single land on Upland. “3 plots in the same street” is another mission complete. The next one is “5 properties in the same city” and so on! Then you move on for missions in other cities of Chicago, Cleveland, New York, San Francisco, and more.
  • Earn UPX Bonus: 1) via “Daily Logins”, 2)“Inviting Friends” & 3) They give you 6000 UPX Upon “Registration”.
  • At first, stay in one city to collect more bonuses.
  • For starters, don’t go buying land in expensive neighborhoods & big cities. New regions with cheap properties are better for beginners which require fewer fees for the “Treasure Hunt” as well.
  • Be smart and don’t rush it, before buying land, compare prices.


Big Tips

  • To become an expert in the real state of NFT infrastructures on Upland, you can acquire analytic data here
  • Don’t ignore endorsed missions (collections, challenges, and treasure hunts). You can fill up your bag (UPX money & Spark hours) by completing missions.
  • Treasure Hunt: To level up in the game, It is vital to learn how “Treasure Hunt” works. There are YouTube videos that can help you. The matter of “Distancing” is important. So, you won’t spend too much UPX for fees and sends in a hunt. You need at least 10 Send before starting a hunt.
  • If you buy properties equally in different directions with the right amount of distance between them, you’ll collect more Sends in Treasure Hunts.
  • With a “one Hunt” you get from the game for free, put your efforts into successfully finishing one rather than spending money on more hunts.
  • Another way of gaining money is to put your properties for rent.


REALLY Recommended!

  • Discord: Consider Discord as a way to connect with pro gamers & Upland experts who are very friendly to newcomers and want to enjoy the game and help it prosper. Here you can get together with Upland's biggest communities like Cryptomonkeys, learn secrets of success & find the answers to your questions for free.
  • City release: Join city releases, & Vanilla releases in particular. There are highly regarded properties worth a small fortune and if you can guest their value on Upland’s vanilla mode, buy them at an affordable prices, you can resell them later for a boatload of money!
  • Research “city releases” ahead of time, but don't forget to get help too. For example, the Analytic Assassins community on Discord does research on which city or district will be part of a release.


What Not to Do!

  • Play without a strategy or just joke around!
  • Avoid treasure hunts & stay simple and propertyless.
  • Have “Go big or go home” attitude!
  • Be impatient & spend little money you have all at once!

Anyways, I hope my take on Upland gives you a wide understanding of how to play this fun and play2earn game which has been around for  years with many satisfying players and a growing community.

Let’s be honest, while intriguing, the topics of the metaverse, smart contracts, and NFTs are still hard to fathom for many. But the virtual reality gains more attention every day and UplandWealthBuilding is one to watch.

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