Save Lives! Go Outside, Exercise, Eat Healthy

TLDR; Grab a banana and ride your bike to work before telling me to get vaccinated.

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It has been rainy here for a couple of weeks, and I have neither been eating healthy, nor getting outside. At the same time, I hadn't been feeling very well.

So, about a week ago, I started trying to get sunlight every day, and eating more fruits and veggies. I almost immediately started feeling better.

This is a powerful anecdote which goes along with research I've been doing on strengthening your immune system, particularly in the context of COVID. In particular, I found these maps of Africa interesting.

Here is COVID mortalities relative to Ivermectin use in Africa:


Here is COVID mortalities relative to obesity in Africa:



So obviously, this isn't a planned experiment with a clear control group. But at the same time, this is a massive data set, and a clear, huge difference in outcomes. Put in the context of other studies about obesity, and vitamin D deficiency as comorbidities, it seems clear that there are many things to do to improve outcomes in this pandemic.

One correction: I say that Ivermectin helps with Vitamin D uptake, but I can't find a source for that, now.

These countries are doing literally 10-100 times better than highly vaccinated countries like Israel, the UK and the USA. I am not sure what the difference is, but clearly, it is more effective than vaccinations and lockdowns. I suspect the difference is eating fresh fruits and veggies while exercising outside.

I don't believe in government mandates of any sort, but before mandating vaccines, how about we mandate exercise and vegetables? How about instead of lockdowns, we have anti-lockdowns, where we encourage people to go outside? I'm not joking, there is a strong statistical case to be made that these would be more effective than current policies in "developed" countries.

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