The Price Of BTC Is Climbing Again, You Have To Understand Some Truths❗

You can never make money beyond your cognition

As the market value of cryptocurrencies exceeds 2 trillion US dollars, it can be clearly felt that netizens' comments on BTC and other cryptocurrencies are increasing, which shows that netizens' attention to BTC is increasing. Although the prices of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, Ethereum, and Dogecoin have continued to rise and their risks have gradually increased, they still cannot stop the enthusiasm of netizens. Let me remind you once again that a few people can make a lot of money by following the footsteps of the dealer, but most people will definitely not make money.

In fact, most netizens believe that BTC is a high-risk financial management tool. There is a huge risk in entering the market to speculate on BTC, and it may become a leek for capital harvesting at any time. Especially now that the price of BTC has reached as high as $55,000 each, BTC giants have already accumulated a large amount of costs, and the market is under high selling pressure. However, some netizens do not recognize this, especially some netizens who have made a lot of money in the process of hyping BTC.

A netizen once said, "Some people will never make money beyond their cognition." He also talked about the history of BTC hype, claiming that he started to hype BTC since the BTC mining disaster in 2017. Now he has a house, a car, and 8 million. And he still has 25 BTCs in his BTC wallet. This is the income of his BTC hype. Those of us who haven't hyped BTC are still the same as before, failing to seize the opportunity of life.


The people who speculate on BTC make money, but it doesn’t mean that people in the future will also make money

In fact, there is no problem with what he said. There are many opportunities in life. If you seize it, you can fight for many years. BTC, real estate, Tesla, Apple, etc., if you now give you a chance to go back to 20 years ago, I think everyone has the ability to become a billionaire. But if everyone goes back to 20 years ago, I think history can repeat itself again. You will find that Elon Musk is still Elon Musk, Timothy Donald Cook is still Timothy Donald Cook, and you and I are still doing nothing. You must know that the acquisition of BTC with a capital of $55,000 is not for charity, nor can it be for you to make their money.

Looking back now, most of the people who hyped BTC and other cryptocurrencies, especially investors who hold BTC spot, made a lot of money. These people who have made money on BTC will advertise their experience of making money with BTC to the people around them, thus attracting new users to follow the trend and hype BTC. In the face of huge interests, there will always be some people who cannot hold onto their original intentions and eventually enter the market to speculate on BTC. However, BTC is a very speculative financial product after all. It does not generate wealth by itself. Its source of wealth depends entirely on whether someone takes the market.

There are two main reasons why retail investors hype BTC in the early stage to make money. One is that BTC giants are hoarding BTC, and the other is that incremental users are entering the market. So people who hyped BTC before did make money, but it doesn't mean that people in the future will also make money. It is right to follow the footsteps of capital at any time, and so is the domestic stock market, but the problem is that it must be followed closely. Only by following closely can you make money, a little bit slower, you may become a catcher. I have talked about this principle many times in the previous article. It is impossible for capital giants to invest in BTC for you to make money. Miners dig a BTC, they buy it for $55,000 each, are they doing charity?


BTC can never depreciate in the hands of capital giants, but not necessarily in your hands

I said before that all of us will go back to 20 years ago, and history will repeat itself again. In fact, this reason is also suitable for BTC. The reason why BTC has always appreciated is not because BTC is valuable, but because BTC is in the hands of capital giants. If we go back to 10 years ago, and all the BTCs mined were purchased by our retail investors, then the capital giants will definitely not buy $55,000 each. Therefore, when BTC is hyped, someone can indeed make a fortune with the capital giants, but it will definitely not be everyone who makes a fortune.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market, and some have a total market value of only tens of millions. Anyone who refuses to accept it can buy out all of them. You can hype it up to a 100,000 U.S. dollar and see if there is any capital to get you the order. Some people may say that this analogy is not appropriate. But if you think about Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency called a joke, Elon Musk hyped it up. This is enough to illustrate a problem, any cryptocurrency can be hyped as long as the capital is willing.


Although BTC is a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain and its total amount is set to 21 million, the technology of cryptocurrency can be replicated. BTC can never depreciate in the hands of capital giants, but not necessarily in the hands of retail investors, because there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that can be used. Value investing is a joke in the cryptocurrency market. Capital giants invest in BTC not for charity, let alone for you to make their money.

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