How To Mine On Harvest.Finance To Make Money?

1 Introduction

Harvest is a DeFi automatic mining platform. We can deposit various digital assets in Harvest for financial management and increase your digital assets.

By entrusting mining at Harvest, we can not only obtain higher mining income (from continuous compound interest and savings in handling fees), but also obtain additional FARM rewards. In addition, FARM bought or dug can also be deposited on the official website to earn more FARM.

Next, we formally enter the teaching. Before that, first, I strongly recommend that you go to the official website of Harvest.Finance to take a look, or open the official website to read this tutorial, so that you will understand faster. Second, you need to make the following preparations:

1.1 Preparation tools

1.2 Preparation process:

  • Download and open Google Chrome.
  • Install the MetaMask Ethereum wallet plug-in in Google Chrome, the link has been given above.
  •  After the wallet is successfully installed, you can create or import an Ethereum wallet. If you want to create a new wallet, be sure to save your mnemonic phrase and private key offline (for example, copy it on paper). If you want to import a wallet, just import the mnemonic or private key of your original wallet (it must be an Ethereum wallet address).

At this point, you have completed the preparations! Give yourself a thumbs up!

2. Mining teaching

2.1 Operation teaching on Harvest official website

  •  First, open the official website of Harvest Fiance: (click the link to enter)
  •  Click "Connect Wallet" to connect to MateMask wallet (pictured):


  • Click on the WETH list (pictured), here will teach you how to deposit WETH to Harvest for financial management, the operations of other asset types are similar.

(Before clicking ↓)


(After clicking on ↓)


  • After clicking WETH, the list is divided into two columns, namely the Deposit column and the Stake column.


Deposit column:

After we deposit the asset to Harvest, we can obtain the incremental income of the corresponding asset. At the same time, we will also receive the deposit certificate. The deposit certificate is the F-Token of the corresponding asset. For example, if you deposit WETH, then you will get the deposit certificate of F-WETH.

F-Token also exists in the form of tokens. You can find the token contract address corresponding to F-Token, add it to the MetaMask wallet, and you will see F-Token. So, what is Stake used for?

Stake column:

The Stake column is used to Stake F-Token. After we pledge F-Token, we can get additional FARM rewards. The user interface of Harvest has been improved many times. Now we only need to turn on the "stake for rewards" tick (as shown in the picture) when depositing, and the Stake operation can be easily completed.


  • After completing Deposit and Stake and interacting through MetaMask wallet, waiting for the confirmation on the chain, our mining operation is completed, and now we can obtain the corresponding assets and FARM income. Next, I will introduce how to pledge the purchased or dug FARM to obtain more FARM.

2.2 Harvest's profit sharing pool:

  • In the profit of the Harvest Fiance platform, 30% of the profit will be used to repurchase FARM tokens in the secondary market. This part of the FARM repurchased will be rewarded to the profit sharing pool. Users only need to store the FARM in Harvest. Can get the income of this part of the repurchase.
  • Find the FARM asset on the first page of Harvest's official website and click on the list (pictured)


  • Light up the "Use iFARM" tick, enter the number of FARMs to be deposited, and click the "DEPOSIT" button. Through the interaction of MetaMask wallet and waiting for the confirmation on the chain, our operation is completed.

2.3 Tips:

When we click on any asset on the homepage of the official website, we will see the "VaultDetails" button (as shown in the picture). We can move the mouse pointer here to view more details, including the amount of funds in the asset contract, the rate of return, and how Detailed information such as assets.


I wish you a pleasant money making experience!


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