ETH And DOGE Are More Popular Than BTC❓

BTC and other cryptocurrencies, using casino theory, make money for gamblers

BTC is already $57,000. Although BTC has been in the process of adjustment recently, the entire cryptocurrency market is developing steadily. Recently, the total market value of global cryptocurrencies is about 2.14 trillion U.S. dollars, and BTC is still the number one. In recent times, ETH and DOGE have successfully seized the limelight of BTC, causing BTC's market share in the cryptocurrency market to continue to decline. The current market value of BTC is about 1.08 trillion U.S. dollars, and it has less than 50% of the entire cryptocurrency market, and it is still in a downward trend.

As the boss of cryptocurrency, BTC is now watching the continued appreciation of the little ones, I think it will definitely not feel good in my heart. Although BTC has made many people a lot of money driven by capital, the risks of BTC are difficult to conceal. The hype about BTC is like playing mahjong in a casino. Whether you win or lose, you can’t escape the casino theory. People who gamble in casinos, indeed some make money, and some lose money. But the people who make money in the casino make money from the gamblers. They can't make money from people outside the casino.

And the money earned is less than the money lost, because part of the money also needs to pay for casino services. Newcomers to the casino will often give you some opportunities. The ultimate goal is certainly not to make the gamblers earn money from the casino.


People who make money by hyping BTC, have you ever thought about who makes all this money?

BTC itself does not generate any value. Although many people have made money on BTC, have you ever wondered who made the money? Suppose A buys a BTC at $1,000, sells it to B at $10,000, and B sells another BTC at $57,000 to C. So in this process, both A and B made money by speculating on BTC. Although A made B’s money, in the end they made C’s money directly and indirectly.

So C, who eventually took over BTC, didn't make any money, or even said he lost money. If he wants to make money, he needs to sell BTC to unknown D at a higher price. By analogy, all the people who speculate about BTC, if they make money, they are the last people who directly and indirectly make money. Of course, you may not be able to wait for the last person to find the receiver, and the entire industry chain of BTC can no longer bear this pressure. For example, if C can't find the receiver at a higher price for the BTCs in his hand, then C is unlikely to make money.

In addition, BTC will continue to increase the cost of holding positions due to network maintenance during the transaction process. If the BTC system wants to continue to function normally, it needs to continue to increase in value, and eventually reach an unacceptable height. If a commodity continues to increase in value, unless it is just needed, it will be difficult to find a market. For example, when the price of pork rises, if the price of mutton and beef does not increase, it will be difficult to sell pork. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market, and capital may take turns to speculate. It is very difficult for a cryptocurrency to maintain its value.


Although the capital said that it supports BTC, it is busy speculating on ETH and DOGE.

Although some users of BTC hold it because they just need it, such as money laundering, transfer of property, tax evasion, etc., these things can also be done through other cryptocurrencies. The money for these users who just need it is not windy in the sky, and they will also assess the risks of using BTC. Now the capital giants have seen the giant value of BTC and want to take a share in these just-needed areas, but BTC has been laid out in advance. If you lay out BTC now, you will be a picker for others, let others earn the money, and bear the risk yourself.

Therefore, the capital giants who do not have strong positions in BTC are now scrambling to speculate on ETH and DOGE, and other cryptocurrencies that are not controlled by other capitals. In fact, as a cryptocurrency, as long as the three points of anonymous transaction, cash withdrawal and hype can be achieved, it is enough to satisfy most users who just need it. This is also the main reason why the market value of cryptocurrencies has soared in the past few months, while the market value of BTC has been adjusted. Unless BTC welcomes new incremental users or a new hot spot for hype, capital will be cautious to hype BTC.


Of course, users who support BTC may not support my point of view, but the changes in market funds are much more honest. However, no matter which cryptocurrency the capital flows to, the more funds invested in the early stage, the greater the later conspiracy. If the cryptocurrency market cannot find a just-needed reason, then it will never escape the casino theory, and all it makes is the money of the player. In the future, even if BTC is worth 1 million US dollars, if it is not necessary, why do others want to be that D?

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