Let’s We’re Going To India.

By ipek | ipek | 6 Nov 2019


Hello, Harmony Community! An India hurricane has been blowing through our community’s tweets in recent days. Everyone is locked in for events in India at the end of the week. When we are called the Asian blockchain market, we think of Korea and China. About 1.3 billion people live in India. India ranks second in the world’s most populous countries. And the young population is very high. That means enormous potential. India won the independence fight against Britain after the Second World War. (Here I would like to pay my respects to Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of the struggle for independence, the pioneer of “passive resistance.”) Until 1947 there were only mining and agricultural activities in India, which were exploited as the back garden of England. But it is a relevant country that has grown without compromising its culture of democracy, especially with the economic arrangements made in the 90s. It could become China’s rival in the future. I must say that I expect a boom in service sectors such as the IT sector, which are not covered by this law, in response to the restriction of the entry of foreign capital by-laws relating to workers ‘ rights. Harmony team saw this enormous potential in India and took action. The collaborations to be formed in the Indian market will play an essential role in the financial development of the Harmony Project. The Harmony Project believes in creating a fairer economic order. India could be one of the big stops on the Harmony awareness-raising journey. That’s why the trip to India is so important.



On the map above, you see the nodes of India in Pangaea. It’s among the countries that have already joined our network.


I won’t be able to finish this article until mentioning the paleogeography of India. Do you know, 200 million years ago, India was a southern land near Africa? Its merger with Asia during large-scale slab movements created the massive Himalayan mountains.

According to geologists, 250 million years from now, the appearance of the continents will be as follows. Pangaea will be reunited! The tremendous tectonic earthquakes we experience today are nothing more than the footsteps of this slab movement.


But Harmony already knows this:) even the world does not need to wait 250 million years for this reunion. Harmony’s nodes have already joined the continent of Pangaea :)


Harmony believes in blockchain technology and the harmony ecosystem as an open-source, fairer economic sharing model for 100 billion people. I strongly suggest you read Stephen Tse’s terrific article linking me to the Harmony Community. India is the next stop on this journey as we strive to raise awareness of the Harmony Project! As a member of the Harmony Community, Sahil Devran is, as he says, “Chak de Phatte.” I wish the Harmony team an excellent trip to India. And let me finish with my favorite harmony motto:

Harmony for one and all.

Written By: N.Ipek Celik (ipek)

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