Data Entry Scam-> Few ImportantThings To Avoid As A Freelancer

Data Entry Scam-> Few ImportantThings To Avoid As A Freelancer

By AndersonFrancis | Investment7 | 27 Sep 2020

Even when a man tries to do a honest job, they don't just let you. Scammers everywhere in form of investors, investment plans, freelance hirer etc.
We will be talking about the latter. It is became quite appalling as every scam. And quite common too.


The problem here is, a lot of newbies who just recently got into working online cause they heard from some ridiculous youtuber such as myself, ways to earn online and such. It always seems easy on those vids especially when a youtuber narrows it down. So they go into it without realizing that scammers do exist and as such sees such a despicable opportunity such as this, runs into it immediately. Then gets scammed. It's a crazy world we live in.

You see the problem here isn't the fact that the used the term data entry so that means data entry jobs as a whole is a total scam, far from it.
You see "Data Entry" is like applying for a job in a "Business" or like most call it "Company"; as a secretary. Just imagine then your hirer then asks you to pay for securing the job, when it's not some investment plan.




This isn't even a data entry job. It's basically nothing. And could very well come under the pretence of every other freelance job out there(online). They tried it on me twice almost the same time. And most of them you find on platforms such as; Upwork, Freelancer etc. They will send you an email so you could chat them up there. They can't send you a straight email address, so they give it something like this... Advancedfeefraud( They know that private confidential information aren't allowed on such platforms. They plan to lure you out and deal with you personally where their messages wouldn't be seen as a scam and blocked. I don't know how they run freelance platforms, but what I do know, is that they don't allow personal information, so neither you nor they can send an email except through the style aforementioned.







Nevertheless some platforms allow adding emails; well if you know, you know.

Before you know it, you and them or him or her are talking outside the platform and regardless of what you say or do, they would even call you "dear". Who calls their clients that. Anyone you meet on any freelance site especially or the app, that doesn't chat with you on the platform till all the jobs he or she has for you is done, is pretty much a scammer at least most of the time. For me all the time it was a scammer, but thank God, I was spared from wasting a dime on them.

I just want to keep this article as simple as possible.
Things to avoid as a freelancer;
1) Writer: Any one that is asking you to keep on sharing work with them let them choose which they prefer, could very well end up being a scam. This is where Upwork is a tad preferable to platforms like Fiverr, because of their "milestone" (milestone, just simply means if the budget for the work is maybe, $500 for a 20,000 word novel. You simply give a milestone to be paid maybe $100 for every 4,000 words written) that way you are a not safe from being scammed an entire life's work.

2) If you are a freelancer and you wanna get into freelancing platforms. When you sign up for platforms like Freelancer or Upwork. Don't let anyone send you a mail telling you to chat up with them there. They are trying to avoid the policies of those platforms. That's one of the reasons those platforms don't allow sharing private information every work should be done there where you met the person. That and their own selfish reasons; their cut.

3) Avoid sweet talkers. Most hirers aren't sweet (i.e calling you dear and all those associated gestures). They want to lure you to pay money. Nobody pays money as a freelancer to a hirer. Be it online or offline.

That's all I have for you lots, till next time.

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