Nervos Network Common Knowledge Base (CKB)

By kingscar1337 | Investment for future | 25 Dec 2021

Welcome to my post. Today I will introduce a new coin called Nervos Network.

What is Nervos ?
Put simply, we are an open-source project, collection of protocols, and public blockchain ecosystem intent on solving your biggest blockchain gripes.

The Common Knowledge Base is a Layer 1, Proof of Work and Store of Value blockchain but with Layer 2 scaling and smart contract capabilities. This melding of two key blockchain traits speaks to our core goal to be your Universal Passport to the Blockchain.


How can use CKB?
The CKB Token ($CKB) is the native token of the Nervos Blockchain. This token is important because it wears many different hats.

$CKB is a minable, proof-of-work token that can be likened to Bitcoin in its store of value functions. However, it has a touch of Ether to it when used in executing smart contracts.


What they planned in 2021 
The Universal Passport to the Blockchain will take you further in 2021 as we aim to make interoperability more standardized and user friendly as we cut out the current cross-chain issues and eliminate the barriers to entry for users.

Additionally, the ever-changing waves of the blockchain space will always be considered as we polish our DeFi solutions, NFTs, SUDTs, Stablecoins, and more.


Why should you invest CKB?

CKB is a new coin, which is gonna be crucial in the future. They call it Ethereum killer, the majority of people think that this coin will blow up market. The reason behind is this coin will be collection of blockchains. They are bringing chains together.







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Investment for future
Investment for future

I'm introducing coins which could be crucial in the future. Stay tuned.

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