Doctor Who: Worlds Apart provides new opportunities


New Set Announcement!

On Thursday, August 26th 2021 DWWA is releasing a new set.  The new set - unlike previous sets - will introduce new cards.  This provides certain opportunities that collectors, investors and gamers will all want to take advantage of.  It is worth noting that this means a variety of cards will be available on the first day of gameplay.



For Gamers


This set is being promoted as providing 50 new cards to the game.  This will create an advantage to gamers who invest in this new set.  As we all know, games experience power creep (however minor it may be).  There is no game that is an exception to this rule.  As games progress, inevitably, the power of cards needs to increase ever so slightly in order to keep gamers buying the new cards.  The new cards should always have a slight advantage over the older cards or even better, combine with the older cards in such a way as to make them all necessary for game wins.

**The issue is that game itself is not yet playable.  I believe this means that the power creep will not come into play here.  Though if the game creators are smart (which I have observed events that tell me they likely are), they will make cards that will combine in a significant way with the original set.



For Collectors/Investors

With each new set comes a new line of serial numbers.  If you can manage to be the first one to get a certain card, you get the first serial number (being the number one).  These serial 1s tend to be much more valuable than their higher numbered counterparts.  You might invest in a single pack, get a single serial 1 and make back double your money or more that same day.  This is especially significant because of the new art in the new frames.  The fresh combinations available will be very significant.

** I am personally yet to sell my serial 1s even though some are up on the marketplace.  On the contrary, people who are more active than me in the discord tend to sell their serial 1s on a regular basis.  I expect everyone's experience will be unique, as it seems to be with most investment-type games.  I have seen that the older frames tend to be higher in value, but my hope is that when the game is released for play and gains in popularity the later (yet still relatively early) frames will increase in value.




My Plan


As with each set that comes out, I have put some money in my wallet and am ready to make the purchases as quickly as possible.  Last release, I managed to catch a few serial 1s and am very happy with that.  I figure that once the game really takes off, these cards will gain value quickly and exponentially.  

I've been gathering some Pandaks (the in-game currency) as well.  As the new cards will gain a set to themselves in a core version in addition to the alien packs, I plan on spending Pandaks on core packs and my cash on the alien-framed packs.




If you want to get involved and invest in DWWA cards with us, please follow this link:  https://doctorwho-worldsapart.com/r/12068/


Remember that tipping is free and always appreciated.  


I always try to answer questions and comments are always welcome!

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Investing in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game
Investing in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game

This contains my opinions on who should invest in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game, what can effect the investments, and gives some statistics on the topic. It is strictly my opinion, and while informed, I offer no guarantees of returns.

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