The Last Chapter of Ethereum’s POW phase begins with it’s POS transition process now being tested

The Last Chapter of Ethereum’s POW phase begins with it’s POS transition process now being tested

By Greenchic | Investing and Trading | 15 Mar 2022

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Ethereum Blockchain is now a step closer to the merge phase, where Ethereum is merged with the Beacon Chain, a step that marks an era where Ethereum transitions from a Proof of Work(POW) Blockchain to Proof of Stake (POS) Blockchain.

Now, Ethereum developers, infrastructure and tooling providers along with the community are testing the Kiln testnet, which is planned to be the last testnet before the merge happens in the mainnet sometime in the first quarter of this year, if all goes well keeping the Ethereum Roadmap’s schedule.


 Kiln testnet to try out stimulation of Ethereum’s merge with the Beacon Chain soon!!


Kiln testnet, is the next testnet designed to stimulate Ethereum’s post merge environment after the Kintsugi testnet, that was made for the Ethereum Developer community to get familiar with Ethereum’s initial post merge environment.

The current Kiln testnet went live on Friday last week, and started off as a POW chain where sometime this week, its merger with the POS chain in Kiln’s testnet environment will happen.

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Ethereum developer Marius communicating with the Ethereum community to test out the Kiln testnet through twitter


 Ethereum community called to test out the Kiln testnet and check for bugs and issues



Last week, everyone in the the Ethereum community were encouraged to use the Kiln testnet and report any issues to the Developer community.

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Ethereum Developer Tim's tweet. urging the Ethereum Community to make good use of the Kiln testnet and report any bugs or issues found over there*

Dpp developers, Ethereum tooling and infrastructure providers and developers were told to test the Kiln testnet and help the Ethereum developers find any bugs around that the Ethereum developers should fix.

Ethereum users were called to test the Kiln Network, by sending transactions, deploying their favorite Dapps and see how the kiln testnet works.

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Ethereum Developer Marius's tweet encouraging even the Ethereum users to help find out if there are any issues with the kiln testnet network.


 Ethereum Community’s response with their participation in the Kiln testnet



Kiln’s explorer shows that the testnet has 106,362 active validators and 3,403,584 ETH are staked in the network.
I am guessing that these are testnet ETH tokens that have no monetary value.

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Data from Kiln's explorer



 Everyone are tuned in to see how Ethereum’s merger with the Beacon Chain fares in kiln’s testnet




Meanwhile the real Ethereum mainnet’s Beacon chain has 313,356 validators and over 10.5 million Eth staked according to data shown by launch pad. The total value of this staked ETH in the Beacon chain is about $26.6 billion!!

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Data from Launchpad tracker

Well, this merge transition in the Kiln testnet will help the Ethereum Developers plan and prepare for Ethereum mainnet’s transition to the Beacon Chain, so this Kiln testnet phase is quite an important event for the Ethereum community. I am sure everyone are waiting to see how this merge happens in the Kiln testnet.


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