All Time High Crypto Market Capitalisations with ETH above 3000$
All Time High Crypto Market Capitalisations with ETH above 3000$

All Time High Crypto Market Capitalisations with ETH above 3000$

By Greenchic | Investing and Trading | 4 May 2021


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All time Highs in Crypto Market Caps



There has been a lot of investing happening of late since April 24th in the Alt coin market as can be seen in the below Altcoin Market Capitalisation chart, an All time high Altcoin market cap did set on May 2nd with 1.239$ Trillion total Altcoin market cap.


Altcoin, cryptocurrency, market capitalisation
AltCoin Market Capitalisation at an All Time High

The total crypto market capitalisation that includes Bitcoin’s Market Capitalisation too touched an All time High with 2.257 Trillion dollars total Crypto Market on May 3rd..


crypto, cryptocurrency, price, trading, finance

Total Crypto Market Capitalisation is at an All Time High!!

All this happened after a lot of crypto got liquidated from April 16th, after which Altcoin Market cap fell to 794.48 billion on April 23 rd from 1.119 Trillion that it was on April 16th.

Total Crypto Market capitalisation that includes Market Capitalisation of Bitcoin at this period also fell from 2.309 Trillion on April 16 to 1.69 Trillion on April 25th.

This all shows that a Market dip did take place in general from April 16th to April 23rd, where crypto prices fell with crypto investors liquidating their positions but after that dip, buying took place that had cryptos pour back into the crypto ecosystem.

Anyway… wonder how many of you guys brought up cryptos at this recent dip, smart fellows you are!!

 Alt coin dominance now more than Bitcoin

Anyway, things to notice other than the Ethereum price which skyrocketed to 3000$ is Altcoin and Bitcoin Dominance.

btc, bitcoin dominance

From - Bitcoin Dominance

There is significant change here indeed with Altcoin dominance > 50 at 52 and Bitcoin Dominance <50 at 47.

altcoin dominance, cryptocurrency

From - Altcoin Dominance

Investors have been buying up Altcoins a lot, with ETH being one crypto that’s obviously been brought up big.

ETH now makes Vitalik Buterin a crypto billionaire


vitalik buterin, ethereum, ethImage from

Did you know that with ETH now more than 3000$, Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin becomes one of the world’s youngest self made crypto billionaires as his 333,500 Ether (ETH) holdings are worth more than 1 billion dollars now!!

vitalik buterin, ethereum, eth

He is a generous crypto whale though, as he donated 100 MRK and 100 ETH to a Indian Covid relief fund, that’s set by co- founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal which you can read about in my article here.

ethereum, eth, price
ETH price chart from

Lastly, maybe I should be happy too as I am someone whose been invested in Ethereum since early 2019, when it’s price on average was 262$, so I too got some profits on paper for sure, whatever and however high the ETH gas fee maybe.

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