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Published! Our first two investigator515 ebooks go to launch.

By Investigator515 | Investigator515 | 4 Feb 2023

We're now published!!!!! 2 Live, 2 to go

We missed the Wednesday blog cycle this week, for one very important reason. We've just finished our first round of publishing!!! We figured that its never great missing a post during the cycle, but missing it because you're compiling things to be published is mostly acceptable right??? Hold on, cause we're about to fill you in on exactly whats happening for us over the next few months.

Firstly, after a short and brief love affair with google and blogspot, the investigator515 blog is now moving to a now home. Originally found at, while we configured the site and domain for the new subdomain will be going live this week. We've attatched it to the site to keep everything streamlined, however we will leave most other things unchanged. There'll still be two publications a week, one on Wed and one on Sun, and we'll still rotate through OSINT anaylsis', current news and world events and educational content where required. As the year unfolds, we'll also start releasing more educational clips to assist beginners in upping their search and configuring tools to get the most out of the catfisher website. We'll be wrapping that up this week, and will promote our new links when things are all ported over and ready. Now on to the cool stuff.

When we put the plan for catfisher together, we were targeting two types of people for the end product. Experienced Investigators, who hadn't yet developed enough linux experience to easily add open source software into their workflow, and completely normal everyday folk who are looking to obtain more information about who they are interacting with but lack the technical means to do so without engaging the services of a professional investigator. We understood that in either scenario we'd need to provide supporting content to allow people to get the most of it regardless. So from our side, we'd like to know if there's anything specific you'd like to see added to catfisher, or covered as educational content. At the moment, we'll cover advanced reverse search, domain matching & reputation, social media linking and analysis, metadata extraction and wiping, digital asset tagging and much much more. Our main aim with catfisher revolves around online security and Scam Busting, so if you feel like we've missed something, or would like a run down on how to best use the tools we have available then reach out to us via social media and give us some feed back on what you'd like added.

However in the interests of having something there right from the launch, we decided to write a short e book that would be useful in terms of assisting people and that's what today's article is about. We launched initially with "Catching a Catfish" which was initially supposed to be a "that's all he wrote handbook", but we had such a blast compiling the first that that we've scheduled not one, not two but a whopping three extra books this year as a follow up. We have Confessions of a Catfisher, which is a short e book that touches on field tales we've had come through the door over the years and is a perfect companion to Catching a Catfish. Thats been released on the second of February and is available now through amazon.

Catching a Catfish by Investigator515Confessions of Catfisher by Investigator515


For those of you more technically minded, and not inclined towards short stories we've also got something for you too. We have Command Line for Investigators half written and scheduled for release at the end of the year, and in May we will be releasing Baking a Raspberry Spy. Command line for investigators will walk you through the establishment and setup of a discreeet OSINT search terminal on a Linux Laptop. We will touch on mail and text spoofing, how to use tor and proxies to browse anonymously and lastly, we'll show you how to use Maltego and Shodan to start enumeration, whilst remaining discreet. Everything you need to do a skills upgrade and get your new system working for you.

Command Line for Investgators

Command Line For Investigators Book Confessions of a Catfisher Catching a Catfish

Baking a Raspberry Spy will go over the setup and configuration of a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Board, and how this can be configured to run as a basic ELINT/SIGINT station. We'll show you how to set it up for passive RX, but we're also going to show you how to give it some serious teeth, with the addition of some band pass filters, and an antenna giving it a low powered TX capability. We've been running one at home and had a blast unlocking the garage door and hacking on all sorts of bits. Not quite as good as a Flipper Zero but still fun nevertheless. The limits around this are really only bound by your imagination, we've used one in an embedded system as the basis for our audible vision counter surveillance system...which works particularly well on a drone. Current usage has been revolving around passive tracking experimentation which have been quite interesting and reasonably successfull right off the mark. This is also something others have played with over the years, Kody Kinzie has a number of interesting clips/videos in relation to his experiments around passive tracking of Wi-Fifi beacons and for all intents has been successful in proving and refining the concept.

So what next?!
We have a particular soft spot for SIGINT / ELINT so you'll see plenty more content released that revolves around that as the year unfolds.
We'll also write on geopolitics occasionally where appropriate, with a rehash on some of Bellingcats finer work. The rest, you'll need to wait for, but we promise its worth your while.

If you'd like to review our publications, the amazon link to each book is listed below. We'll also be running a membership giveaway on in march to promote the catfisher launch. We'll make copies available of all our book avail and we'll even be arranging a few tech pieces for the cool kids to play with. Raspberry Pi Nano anybody? What about a flipper zero, or a pi 400??? You'll just have to wait and see what march brings.

till next week!

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