Hive / LeoFinance Newbie Beware - No Resource Credits, Mo Problem

By Invest0x | Invest0x | 2 May 2021

I feel like such a "Boomer" using the Hive/ LeoFinance platform. Apps on blockchain feels very alien compared to traditional websites. The whole experience from Hive onboarding (private keys vs email, password), to the interaction with the LeoFinance blogging platform is very different to what I'm used to.

On the first day of signing up, I posted my intro post and commented on a few other people's posts and then I couldn't do anything anymore on LeoFinance. I lacked Resource Credits because I was a newbie. I searched the web for answers and all I found was that I had to "stake Hive". It didn't really make sense until I found the Hive Blockchain. Four days not being able to do anything on a platform feels like an eternity. After searching the entire web for answers and reading the LeoPedia FAQ, it finally started to make some sense.

The simplest way I think to explain it is this: Facebook allows users to interact with the platform for free and in turn sells your data to earn money since you're not paying them anything. In a Dapp like LeoPedia, you have to in a way "pay" to use the platform. If you want to have no restrictions on how often you're posting or upvoting, you have to "stake Hive" to have the power (Resource Credits) to perform more actions.

Resource Credits is like "Mana" - All interactions on the Hive blockchain uses some RC which replenishes over time (if you're noob, it's usually every 4 days) - check your status here - just replace with your own username

If you don't have any Hive to stake in the beginning (like me), here are some things you can try for free without buying the Hive token:

  1. HIVE faucet. You get 0.003 HIVE and 0.002 HIVE Power every hour. It's not much but you can do it once in a while when you remember to do it like me. Then "stake"/ Power Up your Hive tokens so your RC replenishes faster
  2. Don't do other interactions before you have introduced yourself - the first intro post gets a big bump in Leo tokens I think in a way to make people feel encouraged on this platform. But your Leo tokens will only get paid out after 7 days.
  3. Get delegated HP - I've been trying a few times to get delegated HP on this website but keeps getting error. Today I was trying to go to the faucet site but accidentally ended up the front page and got +21 HP delegated to me for 7 days. The increase in HP means my RC recharges every 7 hours too instead of 4 days which is a blessing. Update: The website says that if you can't get any deleted HP is because they ran out. So you might have to keep checking back and try once in a while. It's annoying but trust me it'll be worth it.
  4. Make sure you change your settings to allow for Automatic Reblog - this will reblog your posts on Hive and guess what you'll get HIVE tokens as well! If you go to my LeoFinance profile vs my Hive profile, you can see that the earnings in each are different to each other. A post that might do well on Leo might not do well on Hive and vice versa. So diversify and double your chances!


I can now use the platform (for 7 days) without restrictions! Maybe I'll be able to earn some more HP in the meantime before the time's up. I need to post some more before my power is stripped away. If you haven't signed up to Hive / LeoFinance yet, I would definitely recommend you to try it out!

How have you found your first few days on LeoFinance? Do you prefer traditional social media or this one?

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