Why i have chosen this crypto space ... named Publish0x




The most controversial and maybe one of the ancient "question" protocol in the Universe ... the "encrypted" ... Why? :-))

Why i've chosen @publish0x to ... somehow create a sort of "artistic cross-chain" inside this new world out there which might become in the most fastest tempo that you could ever imagine in terms of music ... a totally ... cryptonian one ... 

First of all ... this platform it's very complex in its simplicity :-) This for an artist is the most important element to capture its attention into something ... that sooner, might be transformed into a crypto artistic form of expression :-) 


I think this platform will be one of the very first inside the cryptonian space. 


Not because just, it has a variety of subjects to write about ... but as well the community "sounds" cool :-) 


Maybe, there are a few "crypto xenophobics" out there who would like to see from a fast food seller ... till a bookstore entrepreneur ... or a crazy artist ... EVERYONE to write attractive stories ... about the same subject :-)) Bitcoin!!! :-)) That's not going to happen' ... especially from my perspective ...


There are so many other cool stories ... never to forget that "everyone" has its unique "Journey" and millions of great tales to tell ... especially if you are a humble artist ... 


Annyway ... this platform will rock! :-) 


Meanwhile, whoever wants to support my art/music through @kybernetwork protocol, they can do it through the service of "Pay with Tokens" inisde my webpage. https://luciannagy.com/?page_id=3212


Never to forget that those who will donate more than 1-2 KNC and will write the txid link in the comment section bellow and their twitter or facebook adresses, they will receive a free downloadable link with one of my albums. 


Regards a tutti! 

"Point of View" 


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Introduction to Musicoin World
Introduction to Musicoin World

As a musicoin ambassador, i’m honoured to present you the new music platform on the blockchain, entitled, Musicoin https://musicoin.org/accept/MUSICed14b63d97f09f193ae8f0e through which you can stream the whole catalogue of music presented by a vast list of independent musicians. The magic about this platform, is that is absolutely free, also, being without ads integration. Musicoin has revolutionized the creation and, most important, the distribution of value for every artist and his musical creations.

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