Telos - The Networked Platform for Web 3.0

This Blog is created for an APPICS-user approach dwelling in the Telos Network (Blockchain)

The heart of Telos is the world's most powerful blockchain


Utility Coin: TLOS


The major concern of the APPICS members migrating to the new blockchain is definitely how fast is it?

Checking the blockchain's 24-volume of transfers right before APPICS would join from coinmarketcap: $43,425.28 USD.

APPICS (APX) 24-hour Volume on Coingecko is $6.00

The edge of the Telos Network over the previous blockchain:


It only means our content value as members upvote will be shown in half a second.

Scalability - the system achieves a higher TPS than the previous blockchain (Steemit) through modifying its consensus mechanism and/or adjusting some system parameters.


Community building will be more efficient because a scalable business model implies that a this blockchain can increase profits given from increased resources.

Telos will be providing The APPICS Technology and the users these benefits:
  • Fast transactions and low fees.
  • Modern user-experience, one won't notice we are on a blockchain.
  • Seed Funding Available
  • Created to power purpose-driven action because of its value-aligned community.
  • Will enhance digital economy such as easy APX Token purchase.
  • Users can upvote up to 30 days a content was posted from previously a 7-days restriction.

Block Explorer:


For more information, please check their website here: 

The Telos Foundation


Thank you for reading. 

This is what TELOS is in store for APPICS users!

APPICS - Senior Ambassador to the Philippines


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